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Twitch streamer blows up by over a million overnight after follower bots strike again

Published: 28/Aug/2021 17:22 Updated: 28/Aug/2021 17:30

by Shay Robson


Follow bots have once again wreaked havoc upon Twitch, with one relatively small streamer becoming one of the biggest on the platform in the blink of an eye.

Twitch bots have been a problem for almost as long as the platform has been around. From streamers getting botted a couple of viewers to hundreds of followers, it’s a mood killer for any aspiring streamer that has to deal with it.

In recent times, “hate raids” have become the latest bots that are heavily impacting Twitch, with chats being flooded with hundreds of messages at once with racial and homophobic slurs.


While hate raids are taking the spotlight on the platform, there are still streamers experiencing an influx of follow bots, which is exactly what happened to a relatively small partnered streamer ‘DnellTv’ who became one of Twitch’s fastest-growing creators overnight.

DnellTv Instagram
DnellTv is a popular NBA 2K streamer, who now has over 1.6M followers on Twitch.

DnellTv, most known for his NBA 2K streams had over 100,000 followers on Twitch before being struck by the follower bots.

With one fell swoop, the streamer saw his follower count skyrocket to over 1.5 million followers, making him one of the fastest-growing streamers for the last month.

Unlike some streamers, the bots haven’t been dealt right away either. The streamer’s channel still sits at the huge number as of August 28.


Screenshot via TwitchMetrics
The botting put Dn3ll right among the top Twitch streamers.

Though smaller streamers are specifically targeted with bots, there have been other instances where some of the biggest creators on Twitch become even bigger. Most notably being AdinRoss, who fell victim and received an extra 3 million followers.

Despite Twitch’s efforts, bots are still running rampant on the platform, and there’s currently no sign of follow bots and even hate raids slowing down anytime soon. Some believe Twitch’s lack of effort with bots are unacceptable, prompting many to consider joining #ADayOffTwitch boycott on September 1st amid the hate raid crisis.