7-Eleven worker gets fired after showing TikTok all the “good food” he has to throw away

7 Eleven TikTok food waste problemTikTok: xoxo_airez/Unsplash

A TikToker by the name of xoxo_airez has revealed that he lost his job at 7-Eleven after showing TikTok all the “good food” he has to throw away.

With over one billion users a month, TikTok is the place to go if you have something you’d like to share with the internet as it has a really good chance of going viral.

However, there are occasionally ramifications if you share the wrong type of information — like claiming a billion-dollar company purposely throws away perfectly good food.

TikTok user xoxo_airez did just that and revealed the alleged issue at the 7-Eleven convenience store he worked at. The videos went viral, and the creator revealed he lost his job with the company.

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TikToker exposes problem at 7-Eleven and gets fired

On April 27, the creator uploaded the first video showing that he does, in fact, work at 7-Eleven before panning to a bag full of unexpired food in a trash bag.

“Alright, listen. I don’t agree with any of this s**t at all. My manager wanted me to throw all this good food away bro, this shits not even expired. We just have too much in the inventory. Pretty much, we just got an extra shipment so we had to write all this off as scrap,” he claimed.

He went on to reveal that he left the bag outside of the garbage can before mentioning where it was located in case someone who needed food wanted to go and get it.

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In a second video, Airez revealed that he asked his manager if he could donate the scrap food. In response to his question, his manager allegedly said that if the creator asked again — he would lose his job.

On May 7, just days after the videos went viral, the TikToker commented on one of his videos that he officially lost his job due to sharing the problems with the public.

He said: “Officially lost my job! But that’s okay, I’ll be going to Walmart with the same energy!”

7 eleven tiktok comment

Fans from all over the world have taken to the comments on his video to echo the same thoughts — they appreciate him for standing up for what is right, and hope he stays well at his new job.

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