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6ix9ine blasts the Hype House for removing their videos with him

Published: 11/Sep/2020 22:50

by Virginia Glaze


Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is putting the Hype House on blast after the group removed their social media posts and TikToks collaborating with him, which seems to have come as a result of backlash from fans.

Out of law enforcement’s custody and back into the music biz, 6ix9ine is a free man — and one of the industry’s most successful, having broken YouTube’s record for biggest 24-hour debut in all of hip-hop with ‘Gooba’ in May.


However, it’s no secret that the wildly popular artist is shrouded in controversy, with many bringing up the star’s multiple allegations of behavior toward minors, among other issues.

Thus, many TikTokers and YouTubers who collaborated with Tekashi during his surprising press tour in early September received backlash from their fans, most notably the Hype House and Logan Paul.

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In fact, it seems that some of the Hype House’s members took down their videos featuring 6ix9ine, including notable names like Olivia Ponton — and he’s not too happy about this development.

In a video uploaded on September 11, the rapper seemed to shade the entire Hype House collaborative, tearing down promotional posters of himself with the caption: “Me and the Hype House deleting videos like no one would notice.”


As if it wasn’t hilarious enough that he paired the video with Crooklyn’s ‘Ooh Child,’ he ended up changing his caption to read, “My mom still thinks I’m a winner.”

@6ix9ineMe and hype house deleting videos like no one would notice♬ original sound – 6ix9ine

However, it seems that Tekashi’s video may have been a way to troll himself, as his album ‘Tattletales’ boasted far less sales than originally anticipated.

Since uploading their content with 6ix9ine, many creators have received heat from their fans, with Logan Paul being one of the most notable out of the bunch. Having been called out by names like H3H3’s Ethan Klein and more, Paul and co. have been at the center of critics’ scrutiny — although it doesn’t look like they’ll be deleting their podcast episode anytime soon, as opposed to their stance on Kaitlin Bennet.


For now, 6ix9ine’s future in the influencer world remains murky, but it seems like he isn’t welcome from fans of the space’s biggest personalities.