6’2 OnlyFans model says she was bullied in high school but makes millions now

six foot two onlyfans model makes millions after being bullied for heightTikTok: marietemara4.0

6′ 2″ influencer Marie Temara says she was brutally bullied in high school over her height — but now she makes millions on OnlyFans, thanks to her towering stature.

“The Lakers need a center.” “How’s the weather up there?” “Guys don’t like tall girls.” These are all statements that Marie Temara says she’s heard throughout her life, being an extremely tall woman.

28-year-old Marie Temara stands at a whopping six foot, two inches tall — ten inches over the average 5′ 4″ American woman. Boasting a muscular physique and long, brown hair, Temara certainly stands out from the crowd… but her statuesque height wasn’t always something she bragged about.

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In fact, Temara claims she was mercilessly teased in high school by her classmates, who ostracized her because she was so tall.

“Being the tallest one in school was challenging for me, because I was bullied frequently for being so much taller and different from everyone else,” she said in an interview with NeedToKnow. “Kids would pick on me and call me a man or a house because I was taller and heavier than most of the male teachers.”

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In fact, Temara says the bullying was so “cruel” that she’d often eat her lunch alone in a bathroom stall — and that’s not the only difficulty she’s faced in life.

The Amazonian influencer also says that dating has been quite a challenge, claiming that “it is extremely difficult to find a guy taller than me.”

“I’ve been told, ‘No one likes tall girls,’ I look like a ‘man in heels,’ I’m ‘too heavy to be a girl,’ and that ‘the Giants are looking for a linebacker,’” she added.

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6′ 2″ OnlyFans model makes millions after being bullied for height

Luckily, things are looking much different for Temara as an adult. Now, she’s making millions on OnlyFans, where she’s racked up an eye-popping $295,000 a month since making her debut.

She’s also got a major presence on TikTok, boasting 1.7 million followers. Her videos are filled with positive comments from viewers… many of whom have admitted that they aren’t afraid of “climbing a tree.”

“Nowadays, I embrace my curves as a plus-size model,” Temara said. “I am proud to be tall, and I try to inspire others that being tall and different is beautiful.”

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Temara is just the latest model to take over the internet after former teacher Courtney Tillia went viral for creating an OnlyFans after being constantly reported at work over her outfits.

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