3 Twitch stars YouTube Gaming could poach next

twitch streamers move to youtubeTwitch/YouTube

With YouTube Gaming signing two mega Twitch stars in the form of TimTheTatman and DrLupo, many streaming fans are wondering who could be the next big name to jump ship.

YouTube Gaming has emerged as the only true rival to Twitch in recent years with Mixer folding despite the acquisition of Ninja and Shroud.

Now that YouTube has become home to Dr Disrespect, TimTheTatman, Valkyrae and DrLupo, the question on everyone’s minds is who will be the next Twitch icon to join them.

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Here are three Twitch streamers YouTube Gaming could try to sign next.


asmongold streamingTwitch/Asmongold
Asmongold would be a huge gain for YouTube.

When it comes to streamers, it doesn’t get much bigger than Asmongold. The MMORPG specialist is one of the most popular names in town and when he speaks, people tend to listen.

The streamer has some of the most fun content on the site whether it’s leading a raid in World of Warcraft or watching gaming announcements with his chat.

One big development to factor in is Asmongold recently announced a break from streaming for personal reasons and prior to that, he revealed he had considered quitting Twitch.

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Whether or not this translates into a jump to YouTube is anyone’s guess, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.


Back in August, former CSGO pro Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar seemed to tease fans by discussing his “future.”

While by no means proof that he’s jumping ship to YouTube, Summit would be a solid addition to the lineup, as he brings a sizable audience and the GTA RP crowd.

Let’s see if Summit1g can do as Shroud did and cash in on a big offer if it came his way.

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Indieefox lays on her bedTwitch/Indiefoxx
Indiefoxx still hasn’t been unbanned on Twitch.

This pick may be a bit out of left field considering she’s currently banned from Twitch and there is no indication that she will return, but that’s what makes YouTube such an interesting opportunity.

With such a large following and a YouTube account still in good standing, the former hot tub streamer could be a controversial addition to the YouTube Gaming roster, but one that could have an upside.

It may be a logical move for her to switch, especially as she can’t even stream on Twitch for the time being anyway.

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That’s it for our list. Who do you want to see sign to YouTube Gaming next? Let us know on Twitter @Dexerto and keep it locked for more influencer news.

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