220,000 people voted to end TikTok’s Doors vs Wheels debate and it was close

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A debate over whether there are more doors or wheels in the world has taken over TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and just about every other social media platform. Well, over 220,000 have responded to a ballot – and there’s a narrow winner. 

On March 9, the discussion spread like wildfire across the internet, with people of all different countries and experiences completely torn over the question.

Some people pointed to the number of vehicles being driven around the globe every day, while others joked about how many doors there are in Christmas advent calendars. Thousands of examples have been tossed back and forth to come to a conclusion, with users arguing about the number of doors in highrise buildings to the millions of wheels LEGO produces annually for their toy sets.

Where there is a big debate with strong views on both sides, it’s often a vote that decides the winner. Well, that’s exactly what happened with TikTok’s Doors vs Wheels argument.

lego carUnsplash
LEGO produces around 306 million rubber tires each year – does that change your mind?

Voters decide: TikTok Doors vs Wheels debate

A Twitter poll from Ryan Nixon went viral in response to the craze and over 220,000 people replied.

Broken into two teams, it was this popular poll that’s provided the clearest answer thus far.

Across the large sample size, it was found that 46.4% of respondents voted for Team Doors, meaning that Team Wheels actually snatched a narrow victory with 53.6%.

While this poll might indicate a clear winner between the two camps, the debate rages on. On March 9, four days after the poll above went viral, both ‘wheels’ and ‘doors’ have been trending terms, reigniting the topic of discussion.

Similar to previous TikTok debates about dress colors and other things, it’s unclear as to whether we’ll ever get a conclusive answer to the question – but what do you think?

Are you Team Doors or Team Wheels?