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100T Froste riles up the BTS fans as Coronavrius joke goes viral

Published: 13/Mar/2020 18:05 Updated: 13/Mar/2020 18:24

by Scott Robertson


100 Thieves member and Mob co-founder ‘Froste ‘poked the digital hornet’s nest when he tweeted a quip about Korean pop group BTS and Coronavirus that went viral.

Froste has never shied away from cracking jokes on Twitter – one of which invoked the wrath of a seriously dedicated fanbase.


With the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak dominating headlines inside and outside of esports and gaming, the Mob member posted a joke aimed at the passion and dedication exhibited by fans of BTS.

Froste has had a number of his tweets go viral, but this one exploded, garnering nearly 100,000 retweets, over 600,000 likes, a huge amount of angry replies and quoted retweets from BTS fans.


In fact, he was so entertained by the range of replies that he received that he didn’t just retweet his favorites – he replied with a thread of literally all of the quote retweets.

Several hardcore BTS fans responded negatively in a variety of ways, including accusations of racism, chastising Froste for making jokes about the situation, pointing out how much the BTS Army has donated to combat coronavirus, outright roasting him, and even some threats of bodily harm.

Like any tweet that invokes the wrath of the Korean pop group’s fans, several replies also are quick to point out how dedicated and perhaps overzealous some of them are, which was the basis of Froste’s original joke.


Several big internet stars, including YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg and popular Twitch streamer Félix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel have had their own run-ins with the group’s fans, with Felix calling them “the most insane people on the planet.”

While supporters are quick to pounce on the boy band’s haters, the BTS “Army” can also be quite welcoming to those who genuinely support the group, such as professional wrestler and Hollywood actor John Cena.

BTS at the 31st Golden Disk Awards.
The seven-member boy band has reached unprecedented success.

Since The Mob joined 100 Thieves back in August 2019, the group has appeared in more and more 100T content, and have upped their individual Twitter games. Froste has even gone viral before, with a strange reply to makeup YouTuber James Charles.


In the war between The Mob and an actual mob of K-pop fans, there’s no clear winner – apart from Twitter itself.


Noah Beck reveals the adorable way he asked Dixie D’Amelio to be his GF

Published: 13/Oct/2020 21:45

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok stars Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio finally confirmed their relationship status after weeks of being “besties,” but the details of their relationship are still up in the air — more specifically, how Noah even went about asking Dixie to be his girlfriend, in the first place.

Despite being spotted by paparazzi and even sharing an on-screen smooch for Dixie’s music video, this TikTok couple was adamant that they were nothing more than friends, choosing to keep their relationship status private in the age of oversharing on social media.


However, Noah finally broke the silence on October 6, admitting that he and Dixie were officially dating in a then-unreleased interview that sent fans into a tizzy.

While their relationship was almost immediately met with scandal — with Griffin Johnson even creating a diss track that hinted Noah had broken some sort of “bro code” — it seems that these two aren’t letting the drama get them down.


Now that things are official, though, Noah is opening up more about his romance with Dixie, even revealing how he asked out the TikToker-turned-singer — and his methods are giving guys a whole lot to live up to.

During a collaboration with YouTuber Jeff Wittek on October 13, Noah admitted that he and Dixie used to visit Malibu, California quite often, giving him the perfect getaway spot to pop the question.


(Topic starts at 4:50)

“There was this lifeguard tower that we always used to sit at, and just talk and stuff,” Noah explained. “So basically, I took her to Malibu on September 25, we went to the lifeguard post and I decorated it with candles. I brought s’mores and s**t.”

“I told her like, wait in the car,” he continued. “I got some stuff out of the trunk, decorated the lifeguard post, like rose petals, candles, stuff like that. I came back when I was done decorating, walked her there, and she knew what was happening, I think. And then I just popped the question!”


There’s no doubting that Noah Beck is this generation’s Prince Charming after hearing all that. It looks like miss Dixie got pretty lucky!