100T Nadeshot shaves Cloak’s head after meeting charity stream goal

Nadeshot Twitch

100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag and co. raised thousands of dollars for charity, leading to immense cheer throughout the house, and a bit of apprehension from Fortnite star Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore.

The 100T faithful showed up in full force during Nadeshot’s December 11 charity stream to raise money for the Gamers Outreach Foundation who supply gaming units, equipment, and more for children coping with long-term treatments in hospitals.

Nadeshot had set a target of raising $50,000 throughout the events of his stream. But to encourage viewers along the way, he set up mini-donation goals leading up to his ultimate mark.

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Nadeshot TwitchCloak was apprehensive but went through his commitment of getting his head shaved by Nadeshot after surpassing $35,000 in charity donations.

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One such goal came at the expense of Cloak, who agreed to make a major contribution to the fundraising efforts with an on-stream hair trim.

A shocked Cloak sat down in front for the stream, not expecting Nadeshot to go past a two-hour broadcast to raise the requisite money.

“So what are you thinking? One quick buzz then I can run to the barber real quick? I f**king hate Tim. I love the kids, I hate Tim,” Cloak said.

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Ever the good sport, the stressed Cloak donned a towel around his neck and awaited his cut from the CEO-turned-barber Nadeshot.

Earlier in the stream, Nadeshot teased Cloak’s appointment with the clippers, hyping up the cut as the stream was getting over the halfway mark of $25,000.

“We’re $10,000 away from $35,000, where Cloakzy has agreed that we will let us cut his hair any way we want live on stream,” Nadeshot said during his stream.

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Nadeshot TwitchThe aftermath of Nadeshot’s cutting appointment with Cloakzy’s head.

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Later on in the broadcast, the donation mark was hovering just over $31,000 when the 100T CEO got word that friend and major Twitch streamer TimTheTatman was coming in hot with a massive donation.

Sure enough, Tim made a huge splash donating $4,000 for the cause and tipping the total sum over the $35,000 mark – now it was Cloak’s time to come through.

Even though Nadeshot butchered Cloak’s hair, it was all in the name of charity and the CEO is even going to make amends by hiring a professional to rectify the mess he made.

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