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10 viral TikTok items you need to add to your shopping list

Published: 26/Aug/2021 16:44

by Hannah Van-de-Peer


These items are the definition of “TikTok made me do it.” TikTok users love a good hack, and these viral items are designed to make life much easier. From hi-tech gadgets to blankets and beyond, here are 10 viral TikTok items you simply need to try. 

Once a product goes viral on TikTok, everybody wants one. No matter how random, expensive or unnecessary (see: bedazzled tissue box).

Viral items have exploded on the platform in the past year. Videos of people trying their toys out have received millions of views. It’s easy to see why! TikTok products are often convenient and environmentally friendly. Usually, we wouldn’t think twice about changing a lightbulb, or opening a can of tuna. After TikTok introduced re-chargeable LED bulbs and electronic can openers, we realized we can’t live without them.


Here are 10 of the most viral TikTok items for you to add to your shopping list.

viral tiktok items calligraphy
TikTok: aesnotez/junsocean
Over 17K users want to try calligraphy pens

Calligraphy Pens (17.1K views)

What’s not to love? Taking a leaf out of Pinterest’s book, the TikTok calligraphy pens allow users to hone their creativity. Crayola felt tips have been cited as a cheap hack.

Re-Chargeable Candle Lighter (556.9K views)

Running out of matches can be frustrating if you’re a candle lover. The re-chargeable candle lighter is flameless and mains-operated. All you need to do is plug it into the nearest outlet after a few uses.

Tissue Box/Mask Holder (714K views)

The bedazzled box sticks on your car visor for easy access to face masks. All you need to do is provide the masks, slot them in and you’ll never have to worry about going out bare-faced again.


viral tiktok items electronic bag clipper
TikTok: freebirdamanda/dylansawy3r
The Electronic Bag Sealer ensures protection from all varieties of stale chip

Electronic Bag Sealer (1.4 million views)

This nifty gadget can be found on Amazon. After you clip your sealer onto the selected bag of chips, all you need to do is sit back and let it do the work for you. This item vacuum-seals the bag so your snacks will taste as fresh as the day you bought them.

Translucent Powder (6.1 million views)

One for the makeup lovers out there, the Elf Translucent Powder sets your foundation perfectly. The product is heralded as a cheap alternative to Tarte and can be used for preventing under-eye creasing.

Weighted Blanket (56.2 million views)

According to Medicine Explained (@medicineexplained), the weighted blanket acts like a “comforting hug.” The item is promoted as a stress reliever, though TikTok users have mostly been challenging themselves to wriggle out of it.


viral tiktok items sunset lamp
TikTok: interhiors/leahmwwyd
TikTok’s sunset lamp is an essential for golden hour selfies

Sunset Lamp (133 million views)

Every influencer wanted to try the TikTok sunset lamp back in May. Placing it on a shelf next to some hanging plants seems to be the done thing, creating a beachy feel within the comfort of your lounge.

Shower Head (211.7 million views)

The ‘Zen Body’ shower head allegedly improves water pressure. There are three settings for you to choose from, depending on how powerful you like your wash. The “beans” in the head supposedly “purify” the water, getting rid of “contaminants.”

Dyson Airwrap (466.9 million views)

Dyson’s Airwrap styling wand was the must-have product of 2020. TikTok stylists were able to achieve a salon-standard blow wave within their own homes.


@taylor_pfefferstill getting the hang of it BUT…this is SO amazing😩💕 #dysonairwrap #dyson #taylorxhairstyles #hairstyles♬ … is sweaty – Kellan

‘TikTok’ Leggings (676.3 million views)

This trend was tried and tested by celebrities such as Jordyn Woods. These leggings are famous for seemingly sculpting a person’s physique. Although, it’s unknown whether they’re actually any good after a hard gym session!

It’s tricky to tell when the next viral TikTok item will pop up. Instead of saving your coins, why not save these products to your shopping list?