10-minute “racist encounter” TikTok goes viral exposing old lady

TikToker catches passenger typing racist email on flightTikTok: mizz_crizzy

A woman is going viral on TikTok after recording a 10-minute-long video of an elderly passenger sending a racist email about her on a flight to Canada.

TikTok is known for making short clips go viral — but the latest video to take off on the platform was a whopping ten minutes long, and it’s infuriating viewers.

Singer-songwriter ‘Mizz Crizzy’ was on her way to Canada with her sister when she found herself sitting next to an elderly woman.

As the flight progressed, Mizz Crizzy couldn’t help but notice that her neighbor was typing out an email in extremely large font on her smartphone… and the message was about her.

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TikToker spots woman typing racist email about her on plane

In a greuling, ten-minute long segment, the elderly woman painstakingly typed out an email that read: “I am looking out the window. Other two seats are taken by two very large, dolled-up black ladies, one of whom is extremely hostile. She makes Serena Williams look like Twiggy,” the email reads. “I am being very pleasant just to annoy her.”

Mizz Crizzy said that this was her “first racist encounter,” and her video of the incident has racked up over 7 million views in just three days. Commenters couldn’t believe the woman’s offensive comments — and more than a few were flabbergasted at how long it took her to type out the email.

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“By the time she sends that message, Gmail would have gone out of business,” one commenter wrote.

“Dolled up! At least she recognised you guys were pretty!” another pointed out.

“By the time she’s done texting, I would have given birth to my first born, and I’m not even pregnant!” another joked.

TikTok flight email encounter comments copyTikTok: mizz_crizzy

Mizz Crizzy explained the situation in a follow-up video on January 18, where she says she initially thought her neighboring passenger was a “nice old lady…” until she wasn’t.

According to the TikToker, a flight attendant had asked the woman to put her belongings under her seat for takeoff. The elderly passenger claimed she was hard of hearing and couldn’t make out what the attendant was saying, so Mizz Crizzy politely explained the situation.

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That, apparently, sparked the racist email that the woman sent in such a large font.

“I had my sister recording [the video] the whole time, and she didn’t even notice,” she explained. “This lady really, seriously… I mean, I was lost for words. First time this has ever happened to me.”

Mizz Crizzy has received an outpouring of support on TikTok, with some users asking her to contact the airline, WestJet, about the situation. At the time of writing, the TikToker has yet to speak further on the ordeal.

This is just the latest flight-related story to take over TikTok after a “Karen” was escorted off a plane, shouting that she hoped the passengers would “crash and die.”

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