xQc rage quits Twitch Rivals Elden Ring event

xqc elden ringxQc, Bandai Namco

During an Elden Ring Twitch Rivals Event, streamer xQc rage quit the popular RPG, then proceeded to uninstall it.

Given the game’s critical claim and commercial success, it makes sense that Twitch Rivals centered its latest event around the FromSoftware-developed Elden Ring.

Twitch hosted the PvEvP tournament earlier this week from February 21 to February 23. Nearly 50 people participated, with 16 teams consisting of two content creators and a pro player.

The participating content creators included the likes of Luality, Mendo, and xQc. But the latter has received a bulk of the attention due to a moment of rage.

xQc uninstalled Elden Ring during recent Twitch Rivals event

During what appears to have been a particularly tough battle, xQc rage quit FromSoftware’s latest opus. It happened during the game’s Twitch Rivals event, but the streamer didn’t stop at simply shutting down the game.

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The content creator instead elected to uninstall Elden Ring outright, deleting it from his drive live on stream. Of course, the moment was captured and shared in various internet circles.

Reddit user UrMomDaGr8 shared a clip of the instance in question in the following post:

The Twitch star isn’t the first person to suddenly quit Elden Ring out of frustration, nor will he be the last. The RPG, like all of FromSoftware’s Soulsborne adventures, tends to get under a player’s skin in ways that few games can.

That hasn’t stopped people from flocking to The Lands Between in droves, however. Publisher Bandai Namco recently announced the title had moved more than 20 million units since launching on consoles and PC in February 2022.

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It’s possible a fair number of those users have also taken to uninstalling the role-playing game in a fit of rage.