Where to find Golden Seeds in Elden Ring

Alex Tsiaoussidis

Golden Seeds increase the number of Flask of Crimson Tears and Flask of Cerulean Tears you can hold in Elden Ring. There’s plenty to find so here’s everything you need to know.

The Flask of Crimson Tears and the Flask of Cerulean Tears are two of the most important items in Elden Ring. The former is used to restore an amount of HP while the latter is used to restore an amount of FP.

As you progress throughout the game, the amount they restore becomes negligible as your HP and FP pools increase. Fortunately, this can be solved by finding Golden Seeds, which give you more of them.

Initially, one seed will be enough to add a new Flask of Crimson Tears or Flask of Cerulean Tears. However, once you have six, you’ll need to spend two. Once you have eight, you’ll need to spend three, so on and so forth.

This means you’ll need to find 30 seeds to reach the maximum number of flasks, which can be a grind.

Golden Seeds increase the number of Flasks you can hold in Elden Ring.

Where to find Golden Seeds in Elden Ring

Golden Seeds are more difficult to find than Sacred Tears because they’re not confined to specific locations like churches. They’re generally found under small golden trees scattered throughout the land, but not always.

Sometimes, you’ll need to kill a powerful foe to obtain one — whether it’s because they’re holding one or simply guarding a tree. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of all the known locations so far.


Golden Seed Number Location
1 Dropped by Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss at bottom of the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. Stonesword Key required.
2 Found under tree on hill near Stormgate
3 Found under tree in field near Fort Haight
4 Found on rocky platform near Castle Morne Rampart
5 Found in Stormhill Shack after helping Roderika and unlocking her as vendor in Roundtable Hold. Can also be found by speaking to her after.

Stormveil Castle

Golden Seed Number Location
6 Found near Secluded Cell Site of Grace. Turn left down staircase and look for it between two trees
7 Found beneath Stormveil Castle courtyard. From Liftside Chamber, head to courtyard, turn right, drop down into depths below. Kill rats and drop down further. Defeat mini-boss and receive Golden Seen.

Liurnia of the Lakes

Golden Seed Number Location
8 Found under tree in ruins west of Academy Gate Town
9 Found under tree below bridge near Red Wolf of Radagon boss fight location
10 Found at end of path northeast of Main Academy Gate
11 Found in Caria Manor near Manor Upper Level Site of Grace
12 Found near houses west of Grand Lift of Dectus

Nokstella, Eternal City

Golden Seed Number Location
13 Found in northwest side of map. After acquiring Moon of Nokstella in temple, take side exit on the south side and follow path downward to elevator

Siofra River

Golden Seed Number Location
14 Found in Siofra River. North and slightly west of Worshipper’s Woods

Leyndell, Royal Capital

Golden Seed Number Location
15 Dropped by Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit
16 Found under tree guarded by Valiant Gargoyle and Oracle Envoy near West Capital Rampart


Golden Seed Number Location
17 Found under tree southeast of Bestial Sanctum
18 Found under tree in northern section of Sellia, Town of Sorcery

Altus Plateau

Golden Seed Number Location
19 Found under tree near exit of narrow channel north of Seethewater River
20 Found under tree southwest of Windmill Village
21 Two found underneath tree near western outer wall of Leyndell
22 Two  found underneath tree near northwestern outer wall of Leyndell
23 Found next to road in western Altus Plateau
24 Dropped by a Ulcerated Tree Spirit north of the Avenue Balcony in Leyndell Royal Capital. Turn left, drop down, and enter door
25 Founder under tree guarded by gargoyle southeast of West Capital Rampart
26 Found northwest of Minor Erdtree in Altus Plateau
27 Found under tree at Erdtree-Gazing Hill, north of Lux Ruins
28 Dropped by Ulcerated Tree Spirit south of Outer Wall Phantom Tree. Emerges from ground in military camp

Lake of Rot

Golden Seed Number Location
29 Found near Grand Cloister. Follow blood river backward until you find rotten waterfall and kill giant enemy

Mountaintops of the Giants

Golden Seed Number Location
30 Found under tree in valley northeast of the Minor Erdtree (Mountaintops East)
31 Found on Flame Peak in front of massive frozen giant
32 Found under tree near  path between Forbidden Lands and Grand Lift of Rold
33 Found under tree southwest of Ordina, Liturgical Town

Crumbling Farum Azula

Golden Seed Number Location
34 Found under tree near pillars south of fountain plaza on upper level after ascending Dragon Temple Lift

Mt. Gelmir

Golden Seed Number Location
35 Found under tree west of Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite. Can be accessed after killing Fullgrown Fallingstar Beast

That’s everything you need to know to find all the Golden Seeds in Elden Ring. It’s worth finding them since they’ll be a massive help throughout the game, especially towards the end when enemies hit much harder.

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