Terrifying Elden Ring mod brings Thomas the Tank Engine boss to life

Elden Ring Thomas the tank engine gameplayFromSoftware / skymoon

Thomas the Tank Engine has arrived in The Lands Between as this terrifying Elden Ring mod makes one of the very first boss fights all the more intimidating.

With Elden Ring freely available to mod on PC, creative players can tweak the game however they like. From designing original weapons to changing stats on the fly, just about anything is possible.

While some look towards mods in order to make the daunting experience that little bit easier, others have the opposite approach. Rather than helping their fellow Tarnished, select creators have made particular bosses all the more challenging.

If you’ve stepped foot in Limgrave, Elden Ring’s first region, you’ve more than likely struggled against the Tree Sentinel boss. As though it wasn’t terrifying enough, a brand new mod has ramped up the horror by replacing this foe’s standard horse with none other than Thomas the Tank Engine.

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Elden Ring gameplayFromSoftware / skymoon
The Tree Sentinel somehow looks even more terrifying as Thomas the Tank Engine.

With this mod from ‘skymoon’ enabled, you’ll be greeted by an angry Thomas as soon as you leave the tutorial space. Don’t let his innocent smile deceive you though: this version of Thomas is out for blood.

No different from before, the Tree Sentinel will still track you down and lunge from afar with its devastating attacks. If you’re just beginning your journey, this giant enemy can easily wipe you out in just one or two swipes.

Although the boss fight functions just the same as before, having Thomas charge at you is certainly more intimidating than the regular horse.

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Given Elden Ring is still a relatively new title, this early mod could just be the tip of the iceberg. It’s only a matter of time before far more intricate creations make their way online to completely change the experience.

Here’s hoping we can get a Torrent mod in the near future so that we can ride into battle with Thomas the Tank Engine on our side.

For now, you find this particular Thomas the Tank Engine mod for Elden Ring right here on the nexusmods page.