Sony buys stake in Elden Ring developer FromSoftware

Sony elden ring developerBandai Namco Entertainment

Sony is buying a small stake in Elden Ring developer FromSoftware, alongside Tencent subsidiary, Sixjoy Hong Kong.

FromSoftware and its parent company, Kadokawa Corporation, have enjoyed an incredibly fruitful year, thus far. This is due in no small part to the launch of Elden Ring, the action RPG that took the world by storm upon its release in late February.

As of this past June, the role-playing title had sold a staggering 16.6 million units across PC and consoles.

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Because of this, FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco have expressed an interest in exploring Elden Ring in other mediums of entertainment.

Soon, Elden Ring won’t constitute the only key to FromSoftware’s forward expansion.

Sony to partially own Elden Ring developer FromSoftware

Today, August 31, Kadokawa Corporation published a notice stating its intent to sell shares of FromSoftware to two entities – Sony Interactive Entertainment and Tencent subsidiary Sixjoy Hong Kong.

Official documents (via VGC) reveal the issue of said shares will result in Sixjoy owning 16.25 percent of the Elden Ring maker. Sony’s minority stake in the studio will amount to 14.09 percent; meanwhile, Kadokawa’s ownership should extend to the remaining 69.66 percent.

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Because the “enhancement of capabilities for the creation, development, and deployment of game IP” counts among its “highest priorities,” Kadokawa permitted FromSoftware to devise a “third-party allotment” to Sony and Sixjoy.

sony elden ring developerBandai Namco Entertainment
Sony and Sixjoy will collectively own roughly a third of FromSoftware.

This arrangement secures additional funding for the Dark Souls creator, which should aid in its attempts to publish its titles globally.

At present, FromSoftware publishes internal works in Japan, then partners with others for global distribution. (Activision Blizzard managed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, for instance; Bandai Namco publishes the Souls games – barring Bloodborne.)

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As of writing, there’s seemingly no word on when exactly shares for the Elden Ring developer will be issued to Sony and Sixjoy Hong Kong.

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