Shroud explains why he’s in “no rush” to play Elden Ring despite hype

. 4 months ago
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Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek isn’t in a rush to play Elden Ring despite launch hype. The reason why? He’s heard the game is a “buggy mess” on PC and wants it to be fixed before he jumps onboard.

Elden Ring’s launch has been a resounding success. Not only in terms of critical acclaim but also player counts and viewership.

However, the PC version has been marred by performance issues, which the developers have acknowledged. It’s dampened the hype a little, but it hasn’t stopped most Twitch streamers from wanting to play the game.

Shroud is an exception, though. He told fans he’s in “no rush” to play because he wants these issues fixed.

Elden Ring Site of Grace
Elden Ring’s launch on PC has been marred by performance issues.

“I’m going to play. I’m just not going to play right now,” he said on stream. “I heard it’s kind of a buggy mess right now on PC. There’s a lot of stuttering issues and crashes and all that.”

Shroud also said he’s heard it’s not the best port going around.

It’s an okay port. It’s not a bad port, but it’s not a good port either. It’s kind of in the middle. So, I’m just kind of waiting. I’ll play it later. I’m in no rush.”

The developers are currently working to fix these issues. However, there’s been no mention of how long it could take. Therefore, it could be a while before we see him hack and slash his way through Elden Ring.

In the meantime, he’ll be streaming plenty of Lost Ark, which he admitted he’s now addicted to. He even claimed it’s the most complete MMO he’s ever played despite early criticism.

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