Impressive Elden Ring mod lets players become Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trainers

pokemon scarlet violet elden ringFromSoftware / Game Freak

One Elden Ring fan has created an impressive mod that merges Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with The Lands Between.

2022 was filled with plenty of great games for all kinds of different players to enjoy.

Whether you wanted to test your mettle with Elden Rings challenging gameplay or explore vast open worlds filled with adorable creatures in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, gamers in 2022 certainly weren’t spoiled for choice on how to spend their time.

Now, one fan mod has combined Elden Ring’s dark, dreary world with the bright and colorful creatures of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which includes all new player models, summon models, and more.

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Elden Ring fan creates stunning Pokemon mod

FromSoftware fan and modder Arestame tweeted out a video of the mod in action which quickly went viral on social media.

The video showed off the player character’s model dressed in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s flashy pinstripe shorts, white button-up shirt, and Academy hat. Additionally, the modder replaced Torrent, the Tarnished’s spectral horse, with Pokemon Scarlet’s box Legendary, Koraidon.

Additionally, the trailer showed off other characters modded to look like Pokemon from Paldea, such as the Black Knife Tiche summon as Meowscarada and the Magma Wyrm as Skeledirge.

The mod also populates Elden Ring’s vast open world with various other Paldean Pokemon, such as Smoliv, Quaxly, and Lechonk in place of random enemies. Arestame’s tweet quickly gained over 70,000 likes and 20,000 retweets, with fans praising the mod’s polish.

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“Hello! This is absolutely awesome, what are the chances I can play this?” asked YouTube content creator Slimecicle, while other fans expressed their surprise at the mod and replied by saying things like “I can’t believe this is real.”

Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether or not the mod is actually available for download yet, as Arestame has yet to follow up the trailer with a link to download the mod on PC just yet. However, hopefully, with a bit more time, Elden Ring fans will be able to jump into The Lands Between to catch ’em all—or die trying.

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