How to get the horse in Elden Ring: Spectral Steed Whistle, Spirit Springs, more

Elden Ring horse jumpingFromSoftware

Getting a mount in Elden Ring enables you to travel across Lands Between at incredible speeds, granting unique attacks and traversal opportunities. Here’s how you can get the spectral steed. 

Elden Ring is home to plenty of new mechanics to the Souls series. In fact, one of the best new features is the game’s mount system, which allows players to ride their very own horse. For the first time ever, Dark Souls fans can summon a spectral steed and gallop through the blood-soaked battlefields of the Lands Between. 

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Not only does the spectral steed help with overworld exploration, but it can also enable adventurers to reach inaccessible areas. There are also a number of attacks that can be performed when riding, making this a particularly useful mechanic for taking down bosses. 

So, if you’re wondering how you can unlock the horse in Elden Ring and get your very first mount, we have you covered. 


How to unlock the horse in Elden Ring

Melina in Elden Ring FromSoftware
Players will need to meet Melina to unlock the horse in Elden Ring.

In order to unlock the horse in Elden Ring, you’ll need to first obtain the Spectral Steed Whistle. The Spectral Steed Whistle is unlocked after you have discovered a total of three Sites of Grace. These resting points are similar to Dark Souls’ Bonfires, which replenish your character’s HP, FP, and refill all of your Sacred Flasks.

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Once you have discovered the third Site of Grace, Melina will give you the Spectral Steed Whistle. This item can then be used to summon your horse in Elden Ring. It’s important to note that you cannot summon it in some areas or dungeons, so don’t be alarmed if your horse doesn’t appear. 

How to revive your horse in Elden Ring

Site of Grace in Elden RingFromSoftware
Flask of Crimson Tears can be refreshed at any Site of Grace.

The lands of Elden Ring can be incredibly brutal and there may be times when your horse may succumb to its wounds. Fortunately, if your spectral steed dies, it can be revived by consuming a Flask of Crimson Tears.

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Simply drink the flask and your horse will be as good as new. If you don’t have any Flask of Crimson Tears to consume, then simply rest at a Site of Grace to replenish all your flasks. 

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How to ride your horse in Elden Ring

Riding the horse in Elden RingFromSoftware
Summoning the horse in Elden Ring is incredibly easy.

If you wish to ride the horse in Elden Ring, follow the instructions outlined below: 

  1. Equip the Spectral Steed Whistle to your quick item menu.
  2. Press the allocated button to blow the whistle. 
  3. Blow the Spectral Steed Whistle while mounted to dismount.

You also get down from your horse by using the L3/L button. If you do this while moving, you’ll be able to jump off and get straight into combat. 

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How to use Spirit Spring Jumps in Elden Ring

Elden Ring horse using the Spirit Spring JumpFromSoftware
Elden Ring Spirit Spring Jumps can get you to unreachable locations.

One of the most useful functions of Elden Ring’s new mount system is the ability to traverse previously unreachable areas via Spirit Springs. These wind-based portals can be used whenever the player is riding their horse. Here’s how you can use them: 

  1. Summon your horse with the Spectral Steed Whistle.
  2. Approach the Spirit Spring.
  3. While mounted and near the Spirit Spring, press the ‘X/A’ button to ride the current high into the air.

Unlike regular fall damage, you won’t take any damage from jumping into a Spirit Spring while on horseback, so be sure to use them to travel great heights. 

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about unlocking the horse in Elden Ring. Make sure you check out our Elden Ring page for all the latest news and guides.

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