How to get Berserk Easter egg Greatsword in Elden Ring

elden ring berserk greatsword easter egg

Souls-like games have always drawn inspiration from the Berserk series, and players can find Gut’s Greatsword in Elden Ring as a touching tribute to the late Kentaro Miura.

Elden Ring players have already started to point out the striking similarities between the new Souls-like game and the Berserk manga. From the Prisoner class’ uncanny resemblance to Griffith to the posing of characters wielding massive swords, it’s clear where Hidetaka Miyazaki got his inspiration.

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With the news of Miura’s passing in 2021, it’s to be expected that a series so heavily inspired by Berserk would pay tribute to the legendary artist. It was later discovered that Miyazaki re-designed Elden Ring’s Greatsword to resemble one of the swords Guts uses in the manga.

The in-game description of the Greatsword is also a reference to Berserk confirming it is, in fact, an homage to the series. Luckily, players can find this Easter egg weapon fairly early on making it easy to complete their Guts build.

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elden ring greatsword chestFrom Software
Elden Ring’s Greatsword has been redesigned to look like Guts’ sword from Berserk.

Berserk Easter egg sword in Elden Ring

There is a lot to discover and explore in Elden Ring’s massive open world, including the newly redesigned Greatsword. But with a world as big as The Land Between, players may need help finding exactly what they’re looking for.

The Berserk Easter egg Greatsword can be found fairly early on in the region of Caelid. This region is northeast of Limgrave which is where players start their journey. On foot, it’s a bit of a trek, but using your horse Torrent makes the trip pretty short.

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The sword is located inside a chest on the back of a big black wagon. Located near the western border of Caelid and Limgrave, players will find the wagon surrounded by some pretty tough enemies. However, fighting is optional as players can just hop on the wagon, open the chest, grab the sword, and run.

While you can collect the Greatsword early on, you won’t be able to effectively use it right off the bat. That’s because the Berserk Greatsword requires a whopping 31 points of Strength to use efficiently.

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elden ring berserk guts greatswordThe Berserk Easter egg Greatsword is located on the western edge of the Caelid region.

It might be a while before you can use Guts’ Greatsword, but at least you can carry it around to complete your Berserk cosplay.

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