How to find Elden Ring’s meme weapon the Ringed Finger

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One of Elden Ring’s most peculiar weapons is essentially a giant inflatable finger, and it has gained a lot of attention thanks to TikTok. Here is where you can find the Ringed Finger in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has a lot of weapons and items that players can choose from to build their perfect character. And there are several items that emphasize the game’s fixation on fingers.

However, there aren’t many items that relate to rings despite being in the game’s title. In fact, there is only one weapon that combines both the important concept of fingers and the titular rings: the Ringed Finger.

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Despite the weapon being seen as a meme, it can actually be quite useful. Whether you’re looking to break a tough line of defense or make goofy TikTok videos, here’s where you can find the Ringed Finger in Elden Ring.

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The Ringed Finger is a goofy weapon in Elden Ring that is found in Mt. Gelmir.

Ringed Finger Location in Elden Ring

The Ringed Finger is located in the Gelmir Hero’s Grave dungeon which players can’t access until they’ve made it to the Atlus Plateau. The closest site of grace is First Mt. Gelmir Campsite. The player just needs to ride around the northern ridge to get to the doors of the dungeon.

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Getting to the weapon is a little counter-intuitive, so it’s pretty easy for players to miss. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to get the Ringed Finger:

  • Go to Gelmir Hero’s Grave
  • Enter corridor with first unkillable chariot
  • Make way to the end of the corridor
  • Continue down through the lava path
    • You will need to heal using flasks
    • Try backstepping, rolling, or using Bloodhound step to get through the lava faster
  • Turn left at end of the lava slope
  • Enter Room with chest

The chest contains the Ringed Finger hammer. It requires 17 strength and 7 dexterity to wield. Its weapon skill is Claw Flick which is a charged attack that inflates the sword performing a flick attack. This is great for breaking an enemy’s defensive stance.

elden ring gelmir heros grave locationFrom Software
To get to the Gelmir Hero’s Grave follow the path marked on the map.

Ringed Finger blows up on TikTok

There are several weapons blowing up on social media because of their insane damage capabilities. Namely the pre-nerf Sword of Night and Flame and the Moonveil Katana. But the Ringed Finger is gaining popularity for its absurdity.

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Searching Elden Ring’s Ringed Finger on TikTok will net you with a plethora of videos of people using the goofy weapon. It’s used to one-shot bosses, flip players the bird, or launch enemies off cliffsides.

These videos are both hilarious but also showcase the raw power of the Ringed Finger. Players are able to upgrade it to +10 using Somber Smithing Stones. And with the right talismans and armor, this weapon can flick opponents straight into the grave.

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For more Elden Ring, check out where to find the very powerful Icerind Hatchet, and stay tuned for more news and guides.

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