How to beat Pumpkin Head in Elden Ring


Pumpkin Head is one of the first optional bosses players will encounter in Elden Ring, but that doesn’t make him any less menacing. Here’s how you can beat this foe and claim the Pumpkin Helm. 

Elden Ring is home to plenty of optional bosses that Tarnished can choose to either flee from or defeat to gain extra Runes and items. Aside from Flying Dragon Agheel, Pumpkin Head is another early boss many players will likely encounter during their adventures through the Lands Between. 

While Pumpkin Head may not look that imposing, this beastly man can make short work of unprepared adventurers. Whether you’re aiming to take down every boss you encounter in the game or just wish to add the Pumpkin Helm to your collection, then this Pumpkin Head boss guide has you covered. 

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Pumpkin Head location in Elden Ring

Pumpkin Head is located in the Waypoint Ruins. The ruins may seem abandoned at first, but they are actually filled with man-eating Miranda Flowers. Simply avoid or kill these enemies, then make your way over to the cellar stairs and enter the boss room below.

How to beat Pumpkin Head in Elden Ring

Pumpkin Head Elden Ring boss encounterFromSoftware
Pumpkin Head is very slow but has some high-damage attacks.

Unlike the other Pumpkin Head enemies you’ll face throughout the game, this particular boss is a Mad Pumpkin Head. While it may only be marginally stronger than his regular counterparts, this beast can take a chunk out of you if you’re not careful. 

Pumpkin Head is incredibly slow and has well-telegraphed attacks that are very easy to dodge once you learn the pattern. Simply wait for him to land one of his flail slams or head slams, then rush towards him to deliver a few quick hits. 

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Once you’ve managed to get up close, it’s best to keep circling around the boss as this will enable you to easily avoid his moves. As you’re circling around Pumpkin Head, simply keep attacking him and roll out the way his horizontal flail swings. 

Pumpkin Helm item drop Elden RingFromSoftware
Pumpkin Head drops the Pumpkin Helm upon his defeat.

As long as you avoid hitting the large metallic head armor and keep on your toes, this optional boss can be defeated very quickly. Once you’ve managed to deliver the final blow, you’ll be rewarded with the Pumpkin Helm. 

If that wasn’t enough, players can also enter the next room and meet Sorceress Sellen, who will teach Tarnished new Glintstone Sorceries, which can be expanded upon further with the use of magical Scrolls. 

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So, there you have it, all the tips and tricks you need to beat the Pumpkin Head in Elden Ring. Make sure you check out our Elden Ring page for all the latest news and guides. 

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