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How to beat Morgott the Omen King in Elden Ring

Published: 25/Apr/2022 8:22 Updated: 25/Apr/2022 13:44

by Sam Smith


Morgott is a main boss in Elden Ring and one you’ve faced before in a different guise, so here’s how to beat Morgott the Omen King.

The Morgott boss in Elden Ring takes place shortly after you beat Godfrey and continue towards the foot of the Erd Tree. As you’re likely to have already figured out, Morgott the Omen King is the true identity of Margit the Fell Omen. A boss you may have already faced twice before in the game.

You will at least have faced Margit when you entered Stormveil Castle, but there’s also a second encounter on the battlefield of the Altus Plateau. This time, however, Morgott isn’t playing around, the Tarnished has become a real obstacle to his ambitions, and for that, he wants you gone.



morgott elden ring
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Morgott has learned some new tricks since his Margit days.

Where to find Morgott in Elden Ring

Finding Morgott is easy, once you’ve defeated Godfrey, just exit his arena and turn left. You’ll see some stairs and the path will be littered with the corpses of Palm Readers, a fell omen of the battle to come.

You’ll arrive at Marika’s bed-chamber, but the Goddess is nowhere to be found. Instead, a Black Knife Assassin will attack you. This is your only threat in-between the two bosses and the assassin is devilishly fast, so don’t underestimate them.

Once you’ve dealt with the assassin, continue towards the Erd Tree and the fog gate where Morgott can be found waiting for you.


morgott elden ring
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Don’t ever turn your back on a murderous low-flying demigod

NPC summons to defeat Morgott

Before you enter the fog, look on the ground to see a summon sign for Melina — the lady who gave you Torrent and has helped guide you throughout your journey. Melina can join you as an NPC in this fight and can make for a valuable ally.

You can also summon Dung Eater to help you take down Morgott. To do so you’ll need to have completed a few steps:

  • Met Dung Eater’s Red Phantom at the Roundtable Hold and exhausted his dialogue.
  • Retrieved a Seedbed Curse and shown it to him (one can be found within the Capital City ramparts).
  • Released Dung Eater from his cell in the Subterranean Shunning Grounds.

Summon them if you fancy some back-up, or don’t if you want to face Morgott alone, you can also use your Spirit Summons in this battle alongside Melina and Dung Eater for extra support.


morgott elden ring
Morgott/Margit is Mohg’s twin and suffers from the same curse.

How to beat Morgott in Elden Ring

Once the cutscene has finished, Morgott will attack you with his new sword. The fight is similar to the Margit battles, but Morgott has lots of new moves on display.

His sword is deadly and has some new attack combos, but luckily, they follow similar patterns to before. So, dodge his attacks and punish him when he recovers.

morgott elden ring
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Morgott’s new spells kick in at phase 2 of the fight.

Phase 2

The battle will progress to a second phase once Morgott reaches half health. He’ll now start summoning trees that fill the arena with lightning, but this is relatively easy to doge. It does however make it harder to get in close and finish him off.


Ranged players will need to avoid these new attacks and him but try to stay close enough to blast him with magic or arrows. Melee players can take advantage of his summoning animations to get in close and hit him hard.

If you have trouble felling Morgott the Omen King, then summon Melina and your Spirits to help draw his attention on the battlefield. Melina can hold her own against Morgott and some ranged support from a spirit summon will make the three of you a good team.

Remember the Margit’s Shackle item can also be used again here to make your life easier.


So, that’s how you take down Morgott in Elden Ring. Make sure you check out our Elden Ring page for all the latest news and guides.

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