Girlfriend’s plea for help goes viral after boyfriend ignores her for Elden Ring

Elden Ring protagonist next to crying woman screenshot.FromSoftware / Pixabay

A social media post divided the internet after a woman asked for relationship advice over her boyfriend ignoring her for Elden Ring. 

After years of anticipation, Elden Ring has finally made its debut on PlayStation 5, Xbox, and PC. The joint project between Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin and Dark Soul’s FromSoftware has been one of the most anticipated releases in years.

One player jumping into the game for the first time found themselves in hot water after ignoring their girlfriend to play the open-world title instead. The woman’s social media post asking for relationship advice has gone viral.

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Elden Ring player hugging Lady Fia screenshot.FromSoftware
The Elden Ring player gave more affection to his game than his girlfriend.

Girlfriend asks for advice over boyfriend playing Elden Ring

The now-viral post was uploaded to the r/relationship_advice forum where the user wrote “My BF (22 years old) ignored me to play a game when I wanted to have sex.”

In the thread, the poster explained that their boyfriend had picked up a new game while they were on a date. After watching him play for a few hours, she wanted to get intimate. “Our date was really nice and I was enjoying being with him at night for the first time in a while. But he was really engrossed in the game,” she wrote.

The forum post had viewers guessing what the game was until the topic creator gave an update and revealed that it was none other than Elden Ring.  The woman’s predicament went viral online after being reposted on Twitter in a tweet that read “What a bloody surprise.”

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The social media post immediately sparked memes about how addicting the FromSoftware title is. But the thread also sparked a debate among users who were divided over the r/relationship_advice thread.

On the one side, some were critical of the boyfriend in the story. “Everyone acting like neglecting your loved ones for a game that won’t disappear is cool are weird,” a comment read.

“God damn. The video game’s not going anywhere dude,” another replied. “If you don’t want to have a girlfriend then don’t waste someone’s time. Her feelings are valid,” a third tweeted.

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Elden Ring fans react to viral GF story screenshot.

The other half of the social media community seemed to have a different take on the situation. “This confirms that Elden Ring is better than having sex,” a user joked. A second comment sarcastically replied, “Women are temporary, the Elden Ring however was shattered and must be repaired.”

Some Twitter posters talked about their own relationships and video games not being a problem for them. “My wife knows how hyped I’ve been for Elden Ring. She let me play all day and didn’t say s**t. Get you a lady that understands,” one reply read.

Twitter users react to viral Elden Ring relationship advice thread screenshot.

Regardless of which side you fall on, the viral relationship advice thread on Reddit highlighted just how popular Elden Ring actually is.

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Numerous accounts reacted to the story and shared their own experiences with the FromSoftware title impacting their own relationships.