Genius Elden Ring strategy lets players cheese boss fights

Elden Ring summons boss fight encounter screenshot.FromSoftware

A new strategy has been discovered in Elden Ring that makes boss fights substantially easier. The new trick will have enemies ignoring you.

With the massive 1.03 update nerfing seemingly everything, Elden Ring fans have been looking for new ways to get a leg up over the dangerous enemies that roam the Lands Between.

A crafty strategy that makes boss fights much easier has been discovered and its pretty genius. The sneaky trick will have enemies focusing all their attention away from players.

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Elden Ring Malenia boss fight cutscene screenshot.FromSoftware
A new method makes Elden Ring’s bosses easier to defeat.

Elden Ring Mimic Tear Boss fight trick

In order to do this method, you must obtain the Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes first. For a full breakdown of where to find it, check out our guide here. Although the wildly popular summon has been nerfed pretty heavily, players have found a new way to utilize it to devastating effect.

Fans discovered that if they summon their spirit at the start of a battle while wearing the Shabriri’s Woe talisman, they can quickly unequip the item to force the boss to only attack their Mimic Tear as it will still be holding the object.

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The boss will rarely break to attack you which gives you a major advantage to start unleashing on it with powerful spells and attacks. YouTuber Caspahz covered the sneaky strategy in an upload titled “EASILY Kill ANY Boss Trick! (Works on Final Boss).”

  1. First locate the Mimic Tear ashes in the Nokron, Eternal City.
  2. Next head on over to the Frenzied Flame Village located North East of the Liurnia of the Lakes.
  3. The Shabriri’s Woe talisman can be found on a body on the south steps of the village.
  4. Head into a boss battle with the talisman equipped, and summon your Mimic Tear spirit.
  5. Immediately unequip the Shabriri’s Woe talisman which should redirect the boss’s attention to your summon for the rest of the fight.

It should be noted again that the Mimic Tear summons was heavily nerfed in the 1.03 update. However, the new talisman method makes the spirit incredibly useful.

Only time will tell whether FromSoftware will also patch this out. So make sure to use this for as long as you can as you never know when a major patch could shake things up again.

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