Epic Elden Ring build lets you play as classic League of Legends champion Shyvana

FromSoftware / Riot Games

An Elden Ring player made an insane Dragon Priest build that perfectly remade classic League of Legends champion Shyvana to use in the game.

FromSoftware’s latest Souls-like project, Elden Ring, gives people a ton of customization options for their character along with the ability to choose a variety of character types to change up the gameplay.

The freedom to choose how to play has birthed a host of unique tactics that Elden Ring fans have used to make funny Sonic the Hedgehog-esque characters to cheesing big boss battles.

Now it seems as if one Elden Ring fan will have their sights set on recreating champions from Riot Games’ massively popular League of Legends MOBA.

Elden Ring build for League champ

elden ring league character shyvanathecrittman via Reddit
An Elden Ring fan recreated the Half-Dragon, Shyvana, in the game.

Redditor ‘thecrittman’ shared their Shyvana build made from the Dragon Priest class with equipment meant to give her abilities reminiscent of those found in League.

Not only did the player get the color scheme and dragon horns down pat, but they also curated a specific set of items that players can copy to make Shyvana themselves.

Elden Ring Shyvana build:

  • Right Arm: Seal of Dragon Communion
  • Left Arm: Grafted Dragon
  • Head: Great Horned Headband
  • Chest: Fire Monk Armor
  • Arms: Sorcerer Manchettes
  • Legs: Fur Leggings

In the MOBA, Shyvana is known as the Half-Dragon who can rush opponents with her ultimate ability while inflicting flame attacks to help her team.

Not much of that translates over into the Elden Ring build, instead, it has abilities like Bear Witness which spews out fire from the miniature dragon equipped on the left arm.

The build’s maker said they also have plans to make ER characters for a host of other League champs like Garen, Olaf, and Darius very soon.