Elden Ring update files reveal potential PvP focused DLC

Elden Ring Malenia boss fightFromSoftware

Elden Ring patch 1.07 has shared a new look into FromSoftware’s plans for the game’s first DLC, as a recent update has provided more details for its elusive colosseums.

In March, dataminer Lance McDonald peered into a currently inaccessible area of Elden Ring, which depicted a grandiose colosseum. This initial look into From Software’s DLC plans prompted discussion of a potential PvP-focused expansion set within the walls of Caelid.

The developers have remained quiet about the next steps for Elden Ring content since its release in February.

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However, it appears that the devs are implementing quiet preparations, as a new update has revealed more information about the colosseums.

Elden Ring patch 1.07 reveals new PvP colosseum details

In patch 1.07 for Elden Ring, popular dataminer and modder Sekiro Dubi pointed out several new additions hinting towards DLC.

Dubi noted that the developers have added “new Colosseum map files, assets, textures” into the game.

Unfortunately, the “textures don’t work due to a lack of DLC files” at this time. While the update also included additions such as “new hair” and “subtle map changes”, Dubi managed to capture footage that directly addresses PvP scenarios.

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The dataminer explained that “Elden Ring v1.07 added 4 new parameters for 4 new Text Banners to be displayed on Screen. They match unused text from 1.0, as shown in the video.”

“I believe they are related to Colosseums, suggesting Gauntlet form. 1.07 text just says Enemy Defeated,” added Dubi.

In Dubi’s video, we can see them inside a colosseum, as different banners appear. More importantly, specific banners indicate “begin match” and “you win”, which would suggest 1v1 battles are highly likely.

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Alongside these new files came the mention of Ray Tracing support too, a feature that has been highly requested by players.

From Software have yet to announce a release date for Elden Ring’s first DLC. Until then, be sure to keep updated with the latest news and guides.