Elden Ring streamer beats final boss after 5 grueling months

elden ringFromSoftware/Dan Gheesling

Twitch streamer and Elden Ring enjoyer Dan Gheesling finally completed the game after five long months of attempts, including almost 3,000 attempts alone on Malenia.

While Dan Gheesling gained a following on social media originally for his appearance on the reality show Big Brother, he’s since grown as audience for his Elden Ring broadcasts on Twitch.

He went viral on the streaming platform after beating Malenia on attempt number 2,999. Then, days later, he popped off after believing he had beaten the game, only for the actual final boss to appear after what he thought was the final battle.

Now, after even more attempts, he’s finally done the impossible and beaten Eiden Ring once and for all.

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Elden Ring screenshotFromSoftware
Elden Ring was released on February 25, 2022.

Dan Gheesling finally beats Elden Ring

On July 15, after five months of trying over and over again to get through Elden Ring, Gheesling finally killed the Elden Beast and finished the game.

It took Gheesling some time to actually beat the second form of the final boss, but he managed to slay the Elden Beast and put to the game to rest once and for all.

He exploded with joy and said, “It’s over! It’s over! Five months, just like that! 360 hours!”

Dan documented his journey through the game in a celebratory tweet where he revealed he dies 7,358 times in his playthrough.

He also revealed that the next game he’ll be tackling is Cuphead, where he will gun for a 100% completion.

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Hopefully for Dan, Cuphead won’t take five entire months of his life to complete. Being that the platformer is also known for its insane amounts of difficulty, he could be staring down the barrel of another long-term gaming commitment.