Elden Ring: Should you trust Gatekeeper Gostoc?

Gostoc in elden ringFrom Software

Gatekeeper Gostoc is an NPC in Elden Ring who offers to help you sneak into Stormveil Castle. The question is, should you trust Gostoc?

When you arrive at the front gate of Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring, you’ll be beckoned over and greeted by Gatekeeper Gostoc, a tall, creepy, highly suspect figure in the game. Gostoc advises you to take a secret entrance into the caste rather than fighting your way through the main gate. If you refuse to heed his advice, he’ll understand and respectfully open the gate for you. However, after being peppered with arrows, you’ll soon see the value in Gostoc’s suggestion.

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FromSoftwares’s characters are hard to predict, any NPC can turn out to be a good guy or a bad guy. Even the creepiest of characters though can have good intentions. Gostoc reminds us slightly of the Chapel Dweller from Bloodborne, another highly suspect individual who turns out to have a heart of gold. This is when other characters who initially appear saintly turn out to be ruthless villains. The question is, which one is Gostoc?

Spoilers follow below for this quest and other associated quests.

Elden ring gameplayFrom Software
The player approaches Storm Veil Castle.

Gatekeeper Gostoc’s quest in Elden Ring

Once you fail to make it through the main gate, you’ll likely turn around and take the path Gostoc suggested. This is admittedly easier, and you’ll soon be progressing through Stormveil Castle. However, should you die and reclaim your runes you’ll notice you pick up less than you dropped.

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Also, after entering a room to pick up the Rusty Key, the door will be locked shut behind you while someone cackles quietly. This room is home to a powerful Banished Knight who can kill most with ease, but experienced players should be able to take him down.

Basically, someone is stealing your runes when you die and locking you in rooms with fearsome opponents so that you die more. This will continue until you make it into the main section of Stormveil Castle.

Once you defeat the Legacy Boss Godrick, use the Site of Grace to warp away from the area, then warp back. You’ll meet Gostoc stamping on the head of Godrick in anger. He’ll then explain why, and menacingly tell you that he’s free to do whatever he wants.

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gostoc elden ringFrom Software
Gostoc will meet you again after you defeat Godrick.

Should you trust Gostoc?

The answer is no. While you should take his path, do not trust him. However, that doesn’t mean treat him as an enemy. As you’ve likely already gathered, Gostoc is the one stealing your runes and locking you in rooms with tough enemies. In fact, after you take his safer path, he’ll stalk you until you reach a certain Site of Grace deeper into the castle.

Should you kill Gostoc, he’ll drop your missing runes, and if you do this before the Rusty Key room with the Banished Knight, nobody will lock the door behind you. Gostoc is a deeply untrustworthy fellow, however, the pre-release patches have made him a more important character. Subsequent patches may also continue to expand his quest.

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Therefore when believe there’s two paths when it comes to dealing with Gatekeeper Gostoc:

Path 1

  • Initially refuse Gostoc’s suggestion and ask him to open the gate. This will save you from doing it from the other side later, giving you more freedom.
  • Kill Gostoc. He’ll defend himself, but he’s not difficult to beat.
  • Then, take the safer path he suggested, free from his traps.
  • Give his bell bearing to the Twin Maidens at the Roundtable Hold for access to Gostoc’s shop after his death.
Elden ring bossFrom Software
Godrick is Gostoc’s master.

This will ensure that Gostoc can’t steal your runes, can’t lock you in a room, and you’ll be able to use both routes. Although without him, Gostoc’s route will be even safer.

Path 2

  • Initially refuse Gostoc’s suggestion and ask him to open the gate. This will save you from doing it from the other side later, giving you more freedom.
  • Let Gostoc live and take his suggested path, but be aware he will lock you in a room with a Banished Knight and will steal some of your runes if you die.
  • Meet Gostoc again after Godrick has been defeated and exhaust his dialog.
  • Return to Godrick’s throne room after progressing Kenneth Haight and Nephali Loux’s quests for him to reopen his shop – apparently a reformed character.

If you’re further than Stormveil Castle in your playthrough, you can return to Godrick the Grafted Site of Grace and kill Gostoc here. Not only will you be able to claim his bell bearing for access to his shop again, but you’ll also get some payback on this slimy little backstabber.

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Or, of course, you can forgive him and make use of his services. Gostoc may have another role to play in future updates. You’ll also get him to reopen his shop later anyway.

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