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Elden Ring

Elden Ring rune duplication exploit has players becoming millionaires in minutes

Published: 5/Mar/2022 21:41

by Brent Koepp


Players have discovered a new Elden Ring exploit that lets them duplicate items. The trick is allowing fans to wrack up millions of runes with little effort.

After years of anticipation, Elden Ring has lived up to expectations by delivering a brutally difficult open-world version of the popular Dark Souls series.

Some players looking to make it easier to survive the harsh Lands Between have uncovered an item duplication method that allows them to cash in millions of runes in mere minutes – but the risks are high.

Elden Ring multiplayer screenshot.
Players are using a multiplayer exploit to duplicate items in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring item duplication exploit discovered

The exploit was first stumbled upon by fans using the game’s multiplayer function. It was discovered that a player visiting another friend’s world can drop an item on the floor and shut their console off, while the item is still able to be picked up.


Using the save system, the item would then return back to the original user, allowing both players to now have the dropped item. Using this method over and over again gives users duplicate items to sell. Or, in the case of Gold Runes, instant experience points.

YouTuber ‘Gaming Exploits’ covered the massive glitch in more detail and explained the steps users can take to make copies of their valuables.  

(Topic starts at 4:19)

A few viewers watching the video confirmed the glitch works but added, “It took a while for me and my pal to get it down but it worked. You’ve got be really specific with the timing when you pick the item up.” Other comments claimed that you can even use the PlayStations 5’s backup cloud save system to make the method easier.


Elden Ring players explain how to duplicate items on console comment screenshot.

Be warned, though – various players warned that FromSoftware has been banning accounts if they detect a user is quitting multiplayer too often.

“Me and my friend did this three days ago. He was the one dropping the stuff and he got a six-month ban,” one player wrote.

Another comment exclaimed, “Don’t do the duplication glitch, Elden Ring will ban you when it sees that you left the game like this too often.”

Elden Ring players comment on Item duplicate exploit screenshot.

Reports on whether FromSoftwawere is actually banning accounts for using the exploit seemed to be mixed as some have also claimed to have used the method numerous times without getting into trouble.


Still, users should be extremely careful when using any exploit as big as this one. Only time will tell whether the developer patches out the Elden Ring trick in a future update. For now, it doesn’t seem to be stopping many from farming millions of runes.