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Elden Ring

Elden Ring players outraged as popular mod adds “Easy Mode” to game

Published: 14/Apr/2022 20:42

by Lawrence Scotti


An uber-popular Elden Ring mod is now adding an “Easy Mode” to the game, splitting players’ opinions on exactly how to properly enjoy the FromSoftware title.

Elden Ring launched on February 25 as one of 2022’s biggest games of the year. Although the action role-playing game received tons of praise from both critics and general audiences alike, as with any FromSoft developed title, a debate about the Elden Ring’s insanely high difficulty got quite heated.

Players picked sides over the debate of whether the game should offer an Easy Mode or not – a debate that rages on to this very day.


One Elden Ring fan decided that, since FromSoftware won’t be adding an Easy Mode, they would take care of it themselves with a mod of their own.

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Elden Ring is one of the best-selling games of 2022.

Elden Ring split players with popular “Easy Mode” mod

Originally uploaded in March 2022, NexusMods user odashikonbu updated their “Easy Mode for Elden Ring” mod on April 4, which has since generated a massive amount of buzz.

The mod’s description reads: “Makes the game become easier for frustrated gamers.” The changes include reducing 50% of all incoming damage, increasing player damage dealt by 25%, as well as doubling the player hit radius and healing from potions.

The mod exploded in popularity and has nearly hit 50k total downloads from its website. Naturally, the Easy Mode debate was divisive, as players shared their opinions about the mod on social media.


One player said that, while discussions about accessibility are good, any ‘Easy Mode’ for the game is wrong: “There is no Easy Mode in FromSoftware games, and there will never be. Never! Art is not for everybody. An Easy Mode in Elden Ring is like asking David Lynch to put instructions to watch his movies on every cinema seat!”

Despite the outrage, there were plenty of ER fans that were happy to download the mod and breeze through the Lands Between.

One social media user who was jazzed about an Easy Mode said, “The only way I am going to play something like Elden Ring is if there’s actually an easy mode. I am not here to spend my free time stressed about my fun.”


Whatever your feelings are on an Easy Mode, many people, including Twitch star Asmongold, believe mods will help Elden Ring have a long life after release.