Elden Ring players demand FromSoftware increase multiplayer lobby cap

Elden Ring coop summonFromSoftware

Elden Ring players want FromSoftware to remove the current multiplayer cap, which would enable more Tarnished to duke it out in intense PvP battles. 

Elden Ring multiplayer currently enables up to four players to team up for some jolly cooperation. Whether you enjoy invading other Tarnished to flex your best build or simply wish to team up to take down the game’s bosses, then this feature enables you to do just that. 

In fact, Elden Ring’s multiplayer is incredibly popular, particularly when it comes to end-game content where PvP duels are commonplace. However, unlike Dark Souls 3 which enables up to six-player lobbies, Elden Ring has limited this number. 

While four-player lobbies were likely chosen due to performance issues, many fans want FromSoftware to scrap the current player limit. 

Elden Ring players demand changes to multiplayer

Elden Ring multiplayer screenshot.FromSoftware
Elden Ring players want adjustments to the current lobby player count.

Part of what made previous Soulsborne games like Dark Souls 3 so popular was the game’s six-player lobbies. It’s here where players could invade others in hectic brawls and even duke it out in player-made fight clubs. 

While Elden Ring maintains a lot of the same multiplayer mechanics of previous FromSoftware titles, players feel that the four-player limit has greatly restricted online aspects of the game. 

“Please remove the multiplayer four players per world summon restrictions and make it more like DS3,” said one commenter on Reddit. “Fight clubs are basically non-existent anymore because of this.”

Not only did these six-player lobbies provide a sense of community for the game, watching players of all skill levels battle it out in hectic duels was as fun as it was satisfying. 

It also made PvP even more interesting as an invader would never know how many foes they’d be facing, which could lead to 3v3 and even 1v5 scenarios. “It likely has to do with open-world and loading things in around players, too many would likely lead to rendering issues,” noted one player.

In order to combat this issue, Elden Ring fans want the developers to create hubs on the map where they can meet up with other Tarnished. “They should make certain areas able to have up to six people in them. Maybe any of the big dungeons in Stormhill, Raya Lucaria Academy, or Leyndell Royal Capital.”

Whether FromSoftware increases the Elden Ring multiplayer cap or adds specific dueling areas in the game’s DLC remains to be seen, but for now, players remain hopeful.