Elden Ring players claim they are being banned for no reason with “inappropriate activity” warning

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Some Elden Ring players are reporting that they are being banned for “inappropriate behaviour” when they log into the game.

What was initially thought to be an Elden Ring server outage seems to be a wave of bans in which all players receive the same message before they’re forced to return to the main menu. Various users of the game have shared screenshots of the ban online and the number is growing.

Quite why this is happening is unknown at the moment. While the message states players have been engaging in inappropriate conduct during their time playing Elden Ring, this could just be an error.

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Some Elden Ring users are unable to play online.

Elden Ring ban: Error or deliberate punishment?

Some Elden Ring players are reporting the following message when they log into the game:

If this is an error on the developer’s side, this could mean that innocent players are receiving bans for no reason and the problem will need to be rectified. While players are being booted out of the server, they can still play offline, which means they won’t lose any progress. However, they’ll be unable to engage in PvP or co-op until the ban is lifted.

If the ban has not been made in error, then that could mean that a group of players have been flagged for their actions, be it engaging in abusive language, or taking advantage of game-altering bugs and exploits. If this is the case, then they are being banned retrospectively.

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Is Elden Ring down?

At this stage, it’s unsure if the bans are legitimate or made in error. However, the general mood on Twitter is that this is an error and is connected to an ongoing server outage that is impacting some players.

Dexerto tested Elden Ring and found that we were able to access the game as normal, so if this is an outage/error, it’s only impacted some players at the moment.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available from players and FromSoftware/Bandai Namco.

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