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Elden Ring

Elden Ring player dominates multiplayer as Sonic the Hedgehog

Published: 21/Mar/2022 14:56

by James Busby


Elden Ring PvP is filled with plenty of Tarnished that are looking to flex their broken builds, but one player has been beating the competition as Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Just like previous Soulsborne games, Elden Ring enables players to create some incredibly detailed characters. From deadly Darth Maul builds to truly cursed character designs, there are plenty of options available for Tarnished looking to recreate or make their own original avatars. 

However, the latest build that has proven popular amongst the game’s community is none other than Sega’s iconic blue hedgehog – Sonic. In fact, the iconic videogame mascot has been running rings around opponents, proving that speed really is the key to victory. 


Not only is this recreation of Sonic incredibly hilarious, but the build also looks pretty powerful, especially when your foes don’t know how to react. 

Sonic the Hedgehog recreated in Elden Ring

Sonic the Hedgehog in Elden Ring
FromSoftware/Marco Yolo
Sonic the Hedgehog has never looked so cursed.

Elden Ring PvP can be extremely challenging. It’s in this competitive environment where players often duke it out with broken meta weapons. However, there are times when Tarnished showcase a number of unique builds that often leave their foes gobsmacked. 

Well, YouTuber Marco Yolo, did just that when they invaded other players’ worlds as Sonic the Hedgehog. Decked out from head to toe in blue, the content creator began to demonstrate just how hilarious their build was. 


By utilizing the Lightning Ram skill, Marco Yolo was able to constantly roll towards his foes, bombarding them with a non-stop barrage of attacks until they were eliminated. If Sonic’s enemies managed to get around his speedy moves, then Marco simply knocked them out with a pair of Lightning Caestus – the game’s deadly boxing gloves. 

It may not be the most conventional build in Elden Ring, but it is certainly one of the most creative we’ve seen. Make sure you check out our Elden Ring page for all the latest news and guides. 

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