Elden Ring player discovers perfect Black Blade Kindred cheese strat

Elden Ring Black Blade KindredFromSoftware

The Black Blade Kindred is an optional boss in Elden Ring, but Tarnished looking to take down this mighty gargoyle need not fear, as one crafty player has discovered the perfect strategy for achieving an easy victory. 

Elden Ring’s Black Blade Kindred boss fight can be pretty tricky, especially since this monolithic creature has a tremendous amount of reach. In fact, a couple of swings from its gigantic halberd are all it takes to send players back to the nearest Site of Grace. 

While you can simply avoid this encounter and run into the safety of the Bestial Sanctum, those looking to take down this beast will need to exercise caution. Well, that’s unless you don’t wish to fight the game’s stone gargoyle fairly. 

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After all, why waste time clashing swords when you can simply get the Black Blade Kindred to do all the work for you? 

Elden Ring Black Blade Kindred boss fight cheese

Black Blade Kindred Elden Ring boss fightFromSoftware
This Black Blade Kindred strategy makes fighting this boss incredibly easy.

Whether it’s using broken weapons or exploiting certain glitches, the Soulsborne series has always had a number of cheesy methods players can use to take down their foes. 

Fortunately, Elden Ring shares this theme as well, which is particularly useful for any Tarnished looking to claim an easy victory. If you’ve reached Dragonbarrow, then chances are you’ve encountered the Black Blade Kindred.

Not only does this gigantic gargoyle hit incredibly hard, but it is also pretty tanky and can take a while to defeat. This is especially true when stumbling upon it during the early-game.

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While it can be tempting to simply run away, one player has discovered a hilarious strategy that sees the boss literally kill itself. Here’s how you can replicate this technique to claim an instant victory over your rocky opponent. 

  • Rest at the Bestial Sanctum Site of Grace
  • Run outside and head over to the left side of the building. 
  • Lure the Black Kindred over to the cliff edge. 
  • Slowly make your way round to the back of the Bestial Sanctum
  • Have the boss stand next to the stone column
  • Bait it into doing attacks until it performs a back hop

Due to the lack of space, the Black Blade Kindred will simply fall to its death, giving you a free victory that requires very little input. It may not be the most flashy way to defeat this beast, but it certainly gets the job done. 

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