Elden Ring player discovers item that stops the worst enemies from attacking you

. 4 months ago
elden ring beast repellant torch

The Land Between is a massive landscape waiting to be explored, and a player has just discovered an item that keeps Elden Ring’s worst enemies at bay, making it easier than ever to adventure.

Elden Ring is From Software’s latest breathtaking experience, and players are constantly sharing their new discoveries. From giant dogs with t-rex bodies to hidden NPC shops, there are a lot of secrets players still haven’t uncovered.

However, exploration in Elden Ring is often hindered by the game’s dubious enemies. These living, breathing roadblocks are as blood-thirsty as they are brutal, and even Torrent can’t gallop past everything.

The worst among Hidetaka Miyazaki’s creations are the dog-type enemies. Packs of wolves and mange-ridden mutts have been the bane of Souls players for quite some time, but not anymore, thanks to a special item.

Elden Ring sloth bear

Elden Ring’s Beast-Repellant Torch

Twitter user ‘ZullieTheWitch’ recently posted about Elden Ring’s magical torch, claiming it to be the best item in the game. Why? According to its in-game description, the Beast Repellant torch has an aroma that “pacifies wild beasts.”

Many users, including Zullie, began discussing how the torch had changed the game for them. Zullie wrote: “It makes dogs, historically the worst enemy in every Souls game, not attack you. It even works on the big dogs.”

Another user asked if by “big dogs,” they meant the t-rex dogs in Caelid, and users responded with a resounding ‘yes.’ Others initially thought the description was a joke, but were surprised when the torch actually worked.

However, it doesn’t work on all animals: The giant sloth-bears still maul players, and birds of any sort couldn’t care less for your newfound aroma.

Beast-Repellant Torch location in Elden Ring

If you’re looking to make traveling a bit easier, you’ll be happy to know that the Beast-Repellant Torch can be found fairly early on in the game. The torch is sold by a merchant in the Isolated Merchant’s Shack in Caelid. This is a POI located close to the Limgrave border.

It is recommended that you travel here during the day, as it is invaded by a powerful enemy at night. Players can buy the torch for 1,200 Runes, and it can be upgraded with Smithing Stones. The image below shows the location of the Merchant.

elden ring beast repellant torch location
The Beast-Repellant Torch can be purchased from a merchant in Caelid.

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