Elden Ring player beats boss using bizarre Ring Fit mod

James Busby
Elden Ring screenshot with Ring Fit Adventure controller

Elden Ring is a tough game filled with all kinds of nightmarish terrors, but one talented streamer has been beating bosses with the Ring Fit Adventure controller. 

The Soulsborne series has always been home to some insanely skilled players and incredible challenges. From playthroughs that involve Guitar Hero controllers to adrenaline-fueled no-hit runs, FromSoftware’s beloved titles have been beaten via a variety of methods. 

While Elden Ring has only just launched, that hasn’t stopped one streamer from styling on one of the game’s bosses with his Ring Fit Adventure controller. Not only was Super Louis 64 able to defeat this bloodthirsty foe, but his setup allowed him to stay fit in the process. 

Elden Ring streamer beats boss with Ring Fit Adventure controller

Elden Ring Ring Fit Adventure
Elden Ring’s bosses are already being styled on with custom controllers.

Elden Ring isn’t an easy game to play at the best of times. In fact, one false move or mistimed attack can result in a quick death. This is especially true when facing the game’s more agile foes. 

However, just like previous Souls games, a number of streamers have been creating exciting challenges that aim to make their playthrough even harder. One of these players is none other than Super Louis 64 – a talented modder and content creator. 

While Louis is no stranger to creating unique ways to play through his favorite games, the streamer recently demonstrated his latest invention. Using the Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure controller, Louis took on the Bloodhound Knight Darriwil. 

This optional boss is known for its sporadic movement and attack patterns, which makes dodging his slashes a little tricky. Fortunately, Louis wasn’t deterred and he gallantly jogged into battle with his trusty Ring Fit controller. 

While jogging continuously on the spot, the streamer used the fitness game controller to run rings around the boss. He methodically unleashed a number of well-timed slashes and dodge rolls, before finally landing the killing blow. 

“My favorite part and the worst part is that when you hold heal, it doesn’t work,” explained Louis. “But, just like in Ring Fit Adventure, if you squat you do something. Well in this one, when you squat, you heal.” 

Not only did Louis make the entire fight look easy, he even managed to beat Bloodhound Knight Darriwil on his first try. This entertaining challenge may be a tough one, but it’s certainly a great way to burn some calories and stay fit in the process. 

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