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Elden Ring

Elden Ring legend ‘Let Me Solo Her’ reveals secret to beating all bosses

Published: 15/Apr/2022 16:36

by Sam Smith


Legendary Elden Ring player Let Me Solo Her is doing much more for players than simply helping them beat Malenia.

Let Me Solo Her has become the Internet’s favorite Tarnished since their name started trending. The now-legendary Elden Ring player is encouraging others to summon him into their game, then for them to stand back while he effortlessly duals the game’s hardest boss, Malenia. He then defeats her without taking a scratch.

It’s impressive, mostly because not only is Malenia widely considered the hardest boss in Elden Ring, she’s also a contender for the hardest boss in the entire Souls series. This naturally puts her in the conversation for one of the hardest bosses in all of gaming.


Elden Ring Malenia boss fight cutscene screenshot.
Malenia, Elden Ring’s hardest boss.

Let Me Solo Her is destroying Malenia

Not only does Let Me Solo Her takedown Malenia on his own, without taking a hit, he does so as a Furled Finger. This is a co-op summon in Elden Ring which means he’s a nerfed version of his build with limited access to healing items when compared to the game’s host.

Due to the game world featuring 2, sometimes 3 players, Malenia will be buffed to account for this increase. This means that Let Me Solo Her isn’t just killing the vanilla Malenia, he’s beating her at close to double strength.

He’s also doing so with relatively basic items, naked, with just a pot on his head. Check out Let Me Solo Him in action below:


However, there’s much more to Let Me Solo Her than a good Samaritan helping his fellow Tarnished overcome an especially difficult boss.

The real value of Let Me Solo Her in Elden Ring

While the player likely is doing what he’s doing out of the goodness of his heart, a hefty number of runes, and perhaps to go down in Elden Ring history as a legend, he’s also communicating one very important message.

And that is that any obstacle can be overcome in Elden Ring through skill and practice. Remember, Let Me Solo her isn’t entering games wearing the best armor and geared up for a fight, he’d likely get slashed to ribbons by Malenia if he stood still.


However, he won’t get slashed to ribbons because he knows exactly when and how the boss is going to strike. Let Me Solo Her has learned Malenia’s move set, knows her weaknesses, and exploits her openings with surgical precision.

While the community has hyped his actions, they’re focusing on his deeds and failing to see the wider lesson that Let Me Solo Her is teaching us. That is that all we need to overcome a tough boss in Elden Ring is skill, which is something any of us can develop through practice.