Elden Ring devs comment sparks “mountain of fire” mystery

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Elden Ring is a game full of secrets that reward the player for exploring every corner of its expansive world, and it seems yet another mystery has been uncovered. 

Since Elden Ring hit gaming systems worldwide, the game has garnered a massive following of new and old souls fans alike.

With the massive amount of players the game has amassed, fans have discovered a ton of new secrets littered around the grim world of the Land Between. From secret passageways disguised as ordinary walls to the ungodly amount of optional items that can be discovered, the latest from From Software has enough discoveries to keep the community entertained for a while.

And as the community has grown to become so big, it seems that something new is being discovered every other day.

The latest in the long line of surprises comes in the form of a dev leaving a very cryptic message about a “mountain of fire” in the game.

Elden Ring From Software
Elden Ring is full of secret items and lore.

Elden Ring dev uncovers “mountain of fire” mystery

Redditor CellTastic first discovered the dev’s message on a top of a volcanic mountain. In true cryptic From Software fashion, the message cryptically reads: “I thought this a mountain of fire, but I hardly feel a thing! I’ll..”

As the message abruptly ends, this immediately sent the Elden Ring Reddit into a frenzy. Speculation about this mysterious “mountain of fire” began running rampant throughout the forum as fans wondered if the treasure was nearby or of any other major significance.

One user wondered about whether or not the abruptly ended tale was a dev who was pushed off of a cliff, just like Patches does to the player, saying, “Looks like he got the Patches treatment as we did.”

In contrast, another player expressed his feelings about the secret, jokingly saying: “I think that’s the point; I think the dev was pushed into the lava, and that’s why he couldn’t finish his sentence, or maybe it’s connected to” stopping short of finishing the sentence to continue the joke.

While we don’t know what this mystery truly is, at the moment, it seems to exist as a meme.

The dev’s message seemingly appears to be a callback to your dealings with Patches and the untimely demise you meet when following the rainbow stones near the volcano manor.

Things could change in the future, but as of right now, the “mountain of fire” appears just to be a joke from the developers.