Elden Ring Colosseum PvP explained: locations, how to use & more

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Elden Ring’s first DLC is a free update that allows players to face each other in various Colosseums scattered throughout the Lands Between. Here’s how it works.

Since Elden Ring was released, players have stared at the various Colosseums across the Lands Between and wondered about their purpose. Such a location would be perfect for PvP – and that’s exactly what they were for. Since update 1.08 went live, players have been able to enter the Colosseum and engage in combat with other Tarnished warriors.

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Here’s everything you need to know about this new PvP mode in the game, including where you can find it, how to take part, and any other details you’ll need to know. Of course, FromSoftware is likely to expand and update the Colosseum PvP over time, so all changes will be kept track of below.


Elden Ring Colosseum locations

There are three different Colosseums in Elden Ring, one in Limgrave, one in Caelid, and another in the Capital city of Leyndell. Each serves the same purpose, letting solo or groups of players face off in combat.

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Limgrave Colosseum location

Limgrave colosseumFromSoftware
Limgrave’s Colosseum is in the north of the region.

The Limgrave Colosseum can be found in northern Limgrave on the little peninsula passed the great bridge. You’ll be invaded by a red phantom before reaching it, that’s how you’ll know you’re close.

Caelid Colosseum location

Caelid colosseumFromSoftware
The Caelid Colosseum is hidden away in a secret valley.

The Caelid Colosseum is located in northern Caelid across the landbridge and passed the minor Erd Tree. However, to access it you’ll need to first go down Siofra Well elevator in Mistwood, and travel through Siofra River. At the end of this dangerous area, you’ll spot another elevator that will take you up into Caelid. Be aware that you’ll need two Stonesword Keys to access it.

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You’ll emerge into a new area of Caelid surrounded by cliffs. Follow the gorge path to the Colosseum, dodging the enemies and traps on Torrent. You’ll soon arrive at the location, seeing it guarded by a giant pot guardian. Don’t worry, he’s friendly, and he has a challenge for you.

You can go past him though and access the Colosseum by opening the doors.

Leyndell Royal Colosseum location

Lyndell colosseumFromSoftware
The Lyndell Colosseum is located near the seat of power.

You can reach the Leyndell Colosseum by working your way through the city until you find the large vines that lead up to where you battle Godfrey for the first time. Instead of heading towards Godfrey, and Morgott, you can simply take the opposite path toward the large structure. You’ll need to fend off two powerful duelist enemies before you can reach the doors though.

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If you’ve already unlocked all the Sites of Grace, the easiest method to reach this area is to spawn at the grace where you beat Godfrey and head back out and across the vines. This will save you from needing to go through the city again to reach the Colosseum – unless you’ve already caused Faram Azula to fall from the sky.

Elden Ring colosseum alterFromSoftware
You can approach the alter to trigger a match.

How the Colosseum works

Once you enter the Colosseum, approach the alter to trigger the match menu. The following options will be made available:

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This is a single 180-second match in which two players go toe-to-toe. The one with the most kills wins. Healing items are forbidden, but both participants have access to one of Flask of Cerulean Tears to refill magic.

Combat Ordeal

This is a battle royal where it’s every Tarnished for themselves for 300 seconds. The player with the most kills wins. Both flasks are available once per life, but will only fill a small amount of health or magic. This can be between three to six players.

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Colosseum menuFromSoftware
You can decide how many players to battle or team with.

United Combat

This match also lasts 300 seconds but splits the players into two teams of either two or three. The group with the most kills will win and both flasks are available once per life, but will only fill a small amount of health or magic.

Spirit Ashes

This dictates if players will be able to summon spirits or if this feature will be turned off.


Setting a password allows players to limit entry to their matches, creating private games between them and others. Only those that know the password may enter, essentially cutting off random/public matchmaking.

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Setting which players can enter and who cannot.

Colosseum passwordFromSoftware
Passwords can create private matches.

Desired Team

Once the password is set, this decides who your allies will be.


The Colosseum you’re battling in, be it Limegrave, Caelid, or Leyndell.

Colosseum PvP rewards

At this time, winning a round of PvP either solo or as part of a team offers no reward but bragging rights and fun. We even kept our runes after losing a match and didn’t win any when we defeated our opponents. However, this could change in time.

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