Disguised Toast saved by Sykkuno in Elden Ring Moonveil Katana invasion

Disguised Toast and SykkunoDisguised Toast/Sykkuno

Disguised Toast has been playing Elden Ring co-op with Sykkuno and kkatamina, but things quickly took a turn when a random player invaded their world. 

Elden Ring multiplayer is one of the best things about the game. Not only does it enable you to team up with your friends for some jolly cooperation, but it also allows Tarnished to invade other players’ worlds. 

This can result in some incredibly tense fights, especially if you’re in a dangerous area of The Lands Between. While Disguised Toast’s solo Elden Ring campaign has gone very well, his co-op playthrough with fellow OTV members Sykkuno and kkatamina has been filled with hilarity. 

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This was especially highlighted when a random player invaded their world and attempted to obliterate them live on stream. 

Sykkuno saves Disguised Toast from Elden Ring invasion

Disguised Toast playing Elden RingDisguised Toast/FromSoftware
Disguised Toast and kkatamina quickly found themselves at the mercy of an invader.

During their journey through Stormveil Castle, Disguised Toast and kkatamina quickly found themselves at the mercy of an enemy player. To make matters even worse, the invader was wielding the meta Moonveil Katana, which is one of the most powerful weapons in Elden Ring. 

As both streamers desperately tried to summon Sykkuno, the invader began to make their move.

“He’s definitely got a Moonveil Katana, he’s cringe. He follows the meta, watch out Miyoung, he’s a meta follower,” shouted Toast.  

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After a few brief clashes, the enemy player began to guard the Sykkuno’s summon sign. However, Toast bravely rushed him down and forced him away from the position, which enabled kkatamina to call in their friend. 

This obviously took a few seconds and Toast quickly found himself dodging both the invader’s sword swings and attacks from the Bladed Talon Eagles that inhabit the area. Fortunately, Toast had the perfect plan to counter the invader’s advances. 

He quickly ran back towards kkatamina and led his foe into an ambush, where Sykkuno managed to land a lethal blow. The deadly trio then chased their enemy around the castle walls until they cornered them, eventually taking the invader down with a flurry of sword swings.

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Sometimes all it takes to beat your enemies in Elden Ring is the power of friendship and a little help from some pesky birds. 

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