Disguised Toast devastated after wasting 4 hours in Elden Ring for unusable reward

Disguised Toast and Elden Ring Tree Sentinel bossDisguised Toast/FromSoftware

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has been playing through Elden Ring, showcasing his skills at FromSoftware’s latest title. However, after finally beating the game’s Tree Sentinel boss fight, the popular streamer’s happiness was quickly crushed. 

Disguised Toast is known for his comical Twitch streams and his recent Elden Ring playthrough is proving to be incredibly entertaining. After picking the Samurai class, Toast has been busy venturing through the Lands Between. 

Like most Souls games, Elden Ring is known for its difficulty, particularly when it comes to brutal boss fights. While the Tree Sentinel may be one of the first optional boss encounters in the game, it can quickly put an end to even the most skilled players. 

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However, Disguised Toast wasn’t willing to let this mounted unit run him down – instead, he got good and eventually claimed a victory over his foe. Unfortunately, this win was short-lived. 

Disguised Toast Elden Ring Tree Sentinel boss fight ends in disappointment

After spending a total of four hours playing through Elden Ring, the highlight of Disguised Toast’s stream was when he faced off against the Tree Sentinel. This well-armored knight is found trotting around the open world in the starting zone. 

As one of the game’s optional bosses, players can either choose to face the Tree Sentinel or come back and defeat him later. Unlike other early-game enemies, this boss rides atop a magnificent horse, which he uses to run rings around his opponents, taking jabs at them with his halberd. 

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Despite the Tree Sentinel’s intimidating appearance, Disguised Toast decided to try and defeat this boss. After several attempts and a number of frustrating defeats, the streamer narrowly dodged a lethal attack and dealt the killing blow to the Tree Sentinel. 

“I did it, we can start playing Elden Ring,” shouted Toast. The streamer quickly rested at the nearby Site of Grace before hurriedly checking his inventory for his newfound prize. “What did I get? A Golden Halberd that I can’t use.”

Unfortunately, Toast discovered that his current Samurai build didn’t have enough Strength to use the Tree Sentinels Golden Halberd. This ultimately soured his victory over this boss, but luckily, Disguised Toast can always farm more Runes and level up his character. 

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