Best Strength weapons in Elden Ring and where to find them

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Looking to build a tanky warrior in the Lands Between? Then here are 8 of the best Strength weapons in Elden Ring.

The idea behind a Strength build in Elden Ring is simple, you wear the heaviest armor and wield the biggest, most powerful weapons you can find. Not only that, but you also make yourself strong enough to use such armaments without being slowed down. That is the mark of a true warrior in Elden Ring.

However, you’ll also need to consider which weapons in the game scale with Strength and what other perks they offer. While you’re likely to be using huge swords and great axes, there are also bows and incantation Seals that work well with a Strength build in Elden Ring.

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Knights in Elden Ring are a classic Strength builds.

Best Strength weapons in Elden Ring

Here are 8 of the best Strength Weapons in Elden Ring and where each one can be found:

Ordovis’s Greatsword

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Ordovis will need to fall before you can take his sword.

To unlock Ordovis’s Greatsword you’ll have to defeat Ordovis and his Crucible Knight companion in a tough battle. One which we’d strongly advise you to bring Spirit Ash back-up, ideally the Mimic Tear.

The boss can be found in the Auriza Hero’s Grave at the Capital Outskirts, near where you fight Draconic Tree Sentinel. When fully upgraded, the sword ranks an A in Strength, making it one of the best weapons in the game for Strength builds.

Ghiza’s Wheel

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Ghiza’s wheel is based on a Bloodborne weapon.

Ghiza’s Wheel is essentially Elden Ring’s version of the Whirligig Saw from Bloodborne. Now, back by popular demand, this weapon is essentially a chainsaw-like tool that can be revved up to slice enemies to ribbons.

It stacks with Strength and Dexterity equally, so it can do massive damage if you’ve leveled both stats. However, it’s also incredibly heavy and so those who’ve boosted Strength and Endurance will be able to make the most of it.

To obtain it, go to the upper floor of the Volcano Manor and defeat Inquisitor Ghiza when he invades. It also does heavy passive bleed damage making it an excellent weapon against some bosses.

The Lion Greatbow

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The Lion Greatbow is first wielded by Radahn.

Anyone who’s faced Radahn will be instantly familiar with this greatbow. It’s the one he uses to pepper you with arrows at the start of the fight.

Once the Starscourge falls, you’ll be able to trade his Remembrance for his bow with Enia. It stacks with Strength and Dexterity and is a contender for the most powerful bow in Elden Ring.

Butchering Knife

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The Butchering Knife also heals you.

The Butchering Knife is a returning weapon from the Dark Souls games. It’s a heavy Strength weapon that slightly heals the player with each slice. It also causes knock-back so is great for breaking poise.

It can be unlocked by defeating Anastasia, Tarnished Eater on the road to Volcano Manor. When you get to the Corpse-Stench shack, you’ll be removed from Torrent and this mad cannibal will invade. Take her down and take her weapon.

Rotten Battle Hammer

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The Rotten Battle Hammer also inflicts scarlet rot.

The Rotten Battle Hammer is under-appreciated as far as Strength weapons go in Elden Ring. However, if you smith this Hammer under the ‘Heavy’ upgrade path it becomes an A rank in Strength scaling. This, plus its Braggart’s Roar Art and passive scarlet rot build up make it very dangerous in the right hands.

It can be obtained by defeating the Rotten Dualist enemy near the Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace in Mountaintops of Giants. This makes it a late-game weapon, but it’ll really shine in NG+.

Grafted Greatsword

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The Grafted Blade can last you the entire game.

The legendary sword of Castle Morne and the one Edgar is trying to keep out of the wrong hands. So, make his life easier and keep it for yourself. It also looks a little bit like the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones which may be a nod to George R.R. Martin.

This is a powerful and heavy greatsword and is one of the best in the game for those pursuing a Strength build. You can obtain it by defeating the Leonine Misbegotten boss on the beach of Castle Morne.

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

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This is the ultimate axe in Elden Ring.

This massive axe can be taken from an enemy in Fort Laiedd near the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace. We include it because its ‘Heavy’ upgrade path reaches +25 and has an A in Strength scaling.

This means it can do massive damage once fully upgraded and is one of the most powerful Strength weapons in Elden Ring. It also looks awesome and features a devastating Ash of War known as Prelate’s Charge.

Clawmark Seal

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The Clawmark Seal is an excellent companion weapon to cast incantations.

The Clawmark Seal is a Faith weapon so may look like an odd choice for this list, but it also scales with Strength making it the ideal choice for a Strength/Faith combo build. If you’re a tanky warrior, but also want to make use of Incantations, then this is the Seal for you.

You can obtain it by feeding a Deathroot to the Gurranq at the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid. Just make sure you do so before fighting him towards the end of the game.

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