Best Staffs in Elden Ring and where to find them

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Looking to blast your enemies into dust with magic in Elden Ring? Then you’ll need the right weapon. Here are 6 of the best staffs in Elden Ring.

Staffs in Elden Ring are typically for magic users and wizard builds – those who prefer to destroy their opponents from a distance with a range of elemental spells. Most wizard builds in Elden Ring require the Intelligence stat to be leveled up, as this is the attribute most associated with magic in Souls games.

However, magic can be used by a variety of builds in Elden Ring. All you need is the right staff. You see, staffs in this game are the key to casting magic, but some of them scale with other attributes as well as (or instead of) intelligence.

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Sorcery has received even more buffs in 1.04.

Best Staffs in Elden Ring

Here’s some of the best staffs in Elden Ring to suit a variety of builds:

Albinauric Staff

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The Albinauric Staff is perfect for Arcane builds.

A highly unique staff that not only scales with Intelligence and Strength, but is also the only staff in Elden Ring that scales with Arcane. When fully upgraded, it reaches an S rank in Arcane scaling. This makes it supremely useful to any build aiming to level that stat. The staff can be found in the Volcano Manor near the Guest Hall site of grace.

While the Albinauric Staff doesn’t scale with Dexterity, it’s still incredibly useful to those who’ve created a katana-wielding bleed build. Such characters usually level Arcane to increase their bleed damage, so having this staff in your inventory can be an excellent choice when you need to sling a few spells.

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Gelmir Glintstone Staff

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The Gelmir Staff will let you inflict death by fire.

The Gelmir Glintstone Staff scales with Faith and Intelligence but also gets a small boost from Strength. This makes it a brilliant choice for those who are crafting a dual magic and incantations build. It also boosts lava sorcery, making it extra hot in the right hands.

The staff is a rare drop from the wizard serpent men in the throne room above the Volcano Manor. It may take some farming to find, but it’s worth it for those with the right build.

Carian Regal Scepter

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The Carian Regal Staff is ideal for those using Moon magic.

The staff of Queen Rennala, and one that boosts Full Moon Sorceries, meaning it’s a great weapon to use if you’re a Snow Witch build. Equipping Ranni’s hat will boost the damage you do even more. It mostly scales with Intelligence, but gets a small boost from Strength and Dexterity when fully upgraded.

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The only caveat is it needs 60 Intelligence to wield, so it’s only likely to be useful to pure magic builds. It can be unlocked by cashing in Rennala’s remembrance with Enia at the Roundtable Hold.

Staff of the Guilty

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The Staff of the Guilty can be used by Faith builds.

Not pumped any points into intelligence but still want to use sorcery? No problem. This staff levels with Faith and Strength, so it’s excellent for those who’ve created an incantation casting tank. It also boosts Thorn spells and causes bleed which makes it extra fun.

So, if you’re a greatsword-wielding warrior who also uses Faith spells to cast buffs, make sure you have this staff equipped. That way, you’re covered if you need to blast enemies from afar with traditional magic. The Staff of the Guilty can be found by farming the red-robed cultists at Fort Laiedd.

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Carian Glintstone Staff

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The Carian Glintstone Staff is ideal for battlemages.

An awesome staff for traditional wizards and battlemages. This versatile weapon scales nicely with Strength and Dexterity, making it a good choice for any warrior builds that want to add some spells to their arsenal.

However, when fully upgraded it has an S rank in Intelligence, meaning it’s deadly in the hands of any magic-user. It also boosts Glintstone Sorcery damage by 15%, making it even more useful. It can be taken from a corpse in the Carian Study Hall.

Meteorite Staff

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The Meteorite Staff is insanely powerful.

This staff is monstrously powerful in the hands of a pure Intelligence build, but also helpful to Strength builds looking for a magical backup option. It has an S rank for scaling in Intelligence, which alone makes it one of the best in the game.

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Then if you consider the staff also boosts Gravity sorceries by a whopping 30%, this weapon becomes insanely OP. The staff can be found in the swamp in Caelid near Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

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