Best Faith weapons in Elden Ring and where to find them

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Faith weapons in Elden Ring offer a variety of ranged and melee options in combat. Here’s 8 of the best Faith weapons in Elden Ring.

Faith is a magic type in Elden Ring that is different from traditional sorcery. It allows players to cast incantations, a form of miracle spell that can damage enemies and buff allies. What’s great about the Faith stat in the game is it can be comfortably leveled alongside any melee stat or with more traditional magic.

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Most weapons stack with Intelligence, Strength, and Dexterity but some also stack with Faith. Many weapons allow players to double their damage by stacking with one of the above attributes and faith at the same time. This is why Faith weapons in Elden Ring are the game’s best-kept secret.

 Elden Ring erd tree faithFromSoftware
All Faith in Elden Ring stems from the massive Erd Tree.

Best Faith weapons in Elden Ring

Here are 8 of the best Faith weapons in Elden Ring to match a variety of builds and combat strategies:

Sword of Night and Flame

elden ring early weapons night and flame swordFrom Software
The Sword of Night and Flame has been nerfed, but is still incredibly poweful.

Referred to as ‘Elden Ring’s easy mode’, this sword was incredibly overpowered before it was nerfed in the first major update. It’s still very powerful and is ideal for those rocking a Faith build as it stacks with every offensive attribute.

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It can be found in a chest in Caria Manor by jumping off the ramparts to a lower section, then down an open trapdoor.

Coded Sword

coded sword elden ring faith weaponFrom Software
The Coded Sword looks incredibly cool.

The Coded Sword scales with Faith and eventually reaches an A rank in the attribute. This makes it a superb choice for Faith builds who use it as their primary offensive stat. It actually doesn’t scale with any other attributes so it’s mostly for those who want to double down on Faith damage.

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It can be found in the Capital City (before it gets turned to ash) in the real and abandoned Round Table Hold – not the one you use as a hub.

Erdtree Greatbow

Erdtree Greatbow faith weaponsFrom Software
The Erdtree Greatbow is an excellent choice for Faith builds who need a ranged weapon.

The Erdtree Bow is a bow that stacks with Faith more than Dexterity. This makes it ideal for Faith users who want some ranged support. It gets a boost from Strength and Dexterity stats, but at an E rating, it’s primarily a Faith weapon.

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It can be found in a chest on the second floor of the Erdtree Sanctuary in the Capital

Dragon Communion Seal

elden ring early weapons dragon sealFrom Software
The Dragon Seal will make your spells do more damage.

Those leveling Faith and using Dragon Communion incantations will want to acquire this Seal as soon as possible. The good news is that it can be found at the very start of the game in the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave. To obtain it, follow the path upwards when you’re able and defeat the Banished Knight who’ll drop it upon death.

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This Seal gives a massive damage boost to Dragon Communion spells, so it’s incredibly valuable to those using such incantations. You’ll need to use a Sword Stone Key to enter the dungeon though.

Cipher Pata

Cipher Pata elden ring faith weaponFrom Software
Cipher Pata can be wielded in one hand or two.

Another weapon purely designed for Faith builds, the Cipher Pata can be found in the area of the Round Table Hold where Mad Tongue Alberich invades. However, it’s not the hub area, but the real and abandoned version of this location found in the Capital City you’ll need to search.

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The weapon deals holy damage and can break most enemy’s block attempts and poise. It also comes with a unique Ash of War called the Unlockable Blade.

Frenzied Flame Seal

frenzied flame seal best elden ring weaponsFrom Software
To unlock the Frenzied Flame Seal, you’ll need to become the Lord of Chaos.

A powerful Faith weapon, this Seal lets you cast incredibly overpowered Frenzied Flame incantations. However, you’ll need to lock yourself into that ending to unlock it.

To obtain this item, you’ll need to become the Lord of Chaos and complete Hyetta’s quest. Once you’ve obtained the power of the Three Fingers, return to Hyetta to receive the Seal. This will increase the damage of flame spells by 20%.

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Staff of the Guilty

staff of guilty elden ring faith weaponsFrom Software
Staff of the Guilty is unique in its status as a Faith build staff.

A staff that scales with Faith rather than intelligence, the Staff of the Guilty is ideal for Strength builds who are also making use of Incantations and Thorn sorceries. It also causes passive bleed build-up which makes it extra deadly.

To find it, farm the red cultists at Ford Laiedd, one will drop it sooner or later. It’s especially useful when worn with the Briar set dropped by the boss at the Shaded Castle.

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Blasphemous Blade

Rykard Elden RingFrom Software
Rykard’s Remembrance can be traded for the Blasphemous Blade.

This mid-weight greatsword can be unlocked after defeating Rykard in the Volcano Manor, then cashing in his Remembrance with Enia at the Roundtable Hold.

The sword stacks mostly with Faith but also with Strength and Dexterity, making it a great all-round sword for various builds. The Faith stat moves up to A as you upgrade the weapon, making it deadly in the hands of a leveled Faith user.

Its Taker’s Flame ability spews fire damage toward enemies at a short distance. It also heals the player upon killing enemies which makes it a very valuable sword to explore a new area with. However, this feature is less helpful when battling bosses.

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