Best armor sets in Elden Ring and where to find them

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Elden Ring features some of the best armor sets in the entire Souls series, but which ones are the most useful?

The best armor in Elden Ring isn’t always the set that provides the most defense, it also needs to be a set that works for your build in the game. Some Elden Ring armor will be too bulky for your sorcerer, while pointy wizard hats will do little to protect your ranged archer build.

Therefore, the best armor in Elden Ring is subjective and changes from player to player. However, there are some sets that excel for a particular purpose or for variety of character builds. Also, some players wear certain sets just because they look cool.

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Here’s 10 of the best armor sets you can find in Elden Ring.

Best Armor in Elden Ring

Below we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best armor sets in Elden Ring and where to find each one:

Omen set

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Dung Eater’s armor offers excellent protection – if you try to forget its previous owner.

Dung Eater’s armor offers superb protection but is on the rather heavy side. It’s one of the best sets in the game but will only be useful to those with high and tanky stats.

You can unlock it once his quest ends, either by feeding him 5 Seabed Curses, turning him into a puppet, or simply killing him in his cell.

Blaidd’s set

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Blaidd’s set in Elden Ring

Blaidd’s set is one of the coolest in all of Elden Ring. Who doesn’t want to walk around like a warrior in a wolf’s mask? It also offers reasonable protection for most builds without being too heavy.

His mask can be found just lying around on the wall by Seluvis Rise, while the rest of his set can be found once you complete Ranni’s quest and return to her tower. The only issue is, you’ll need to take it from a crazed Blaidd first.

Banished Knight set

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The Banished Knight set also comes with a Sith Lord style hood.

The Banished Knight set comes in two forms and each piece will need to be farmed individually from either Castle Sol or Stormveil Castle. One set looks like Banished Knight Oleg while another looks more like a Sith Lord.

Both versions of this set offer superior protection but are also one of the heaviest sets in the game. Only powerful strength builds will be able to use this set effectively.

Radahn’s set

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Radahn’s set serves as a trophy from his defeat.

Radahn’s gear, while heavy, offers excellent and well-balanced protection that will serve you well into NG+. It’s also a great all-round set, allowing high-level characters to equip while playing with a varied build.

You can unlock Radahn’s set by defeating him, then returning to Enia and buying the armor from her. It also looks awesome and communicates to all that the Starscourge fell by your blade.

Royal remains set

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Behold, Edge Lord.

Also known as the ‘Edge Lord set,’ this armor is worn by Ensha before they invade and attack you at the Round Table Hold. You can then take it from their body. Before this, Ensha will guard Gideon Ofnir’s room and ignore you.

While it looks creepy and cool, the armor is light and doesn’t provide a huge amount of protection. However, each piece contains a buff that will restore your health once it falls below a certain point. This also stacks depending on how many pieces you wear.

Black Knife set

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The Black Knife set can make you a sneaky assassin.

This is an awesome set for stealthy builds as it negates all sound when moving, allowing for more critical hits. It doesn’t offer especially good protection, but it’s not bad as far as light armor goes. It also looks pretty slick

The hood can also be worn over other sets if you decide to just equip that. The whole set can be found on a corpse under an archway in Ordina, Liturgical Town in the Consecrated Grounds.

Queen of the Full Moon set

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Renalla’s set is very useful to those who need to boost their magic stats.

This is Rennala’s set which provides a boost to focus and resistances. The crown also boosts intelligence which is useful to spellcaster builds.

To acquire the set, beat Rennala in battle, this will force her to hand over her Great Rune. Then take this to Enia in the Round Table Hold to purchase Rennala’s set.

You can also return to the now pacified Rennala for a stat respec.

Spellblade set

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Rogier’s set goes nicely with his rapier.

The Spellblade set is the gear worn by wizard Rogier and can be very useful in the right hands. Both Frost and Magic weapon skill damage is increased by 2% per piece, which stacks when multiple pieces are worn.

To get your hands on the set you can follow Rogier’s quest to its conclusion. Or you can simply murder him in Stormveil Castle and take it. Be warned though, he’s involved in both Fia’s and Ranni’s quests. He’s also a helpful ally against Margit.

Lionel’s set

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Lionel will meet his end by Fia, but his set offers some serious protection.

Lionel’s set is the heaviest armor in the game and is therefore only useful for those rocking a tank build. It also has the best defense but will slow down those who don’t have super-high endurance and strength.

The whole set can be found on Lionel’s dead body after he falls victim to Fia. His corpse is lying on a bed in the building near the Lower Capital Church grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Carian Knight set

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A Carian knight summons a co-op partner.

The Carian Knight set may be the most well-known armor in Elden Ring and was used in many of the promotional materials. It was previously known as the Enchanted Knight set and is still useful for those utilizing battle-mage builds.

It offers mid-level protection and is a good choice for those who want to strike a balance between getting up close and personal or slinging spells from a distance.

The armor can be found by a group of zombies near the Church of the Cuckoo at the Raya Lucaria Academy.

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