Asmongold explains how Elden Ring mods will keep game “alive” for years

asmongold-elden-ringFromSoftware / Twitch: Asmongold

Asmongold doesn’t believe Elden Ring will stick around forever, but mods will go a long way to helping keep the game alive. The Twitch star looked back at other titles like Dark Souls 3, drawing comparisons to FromSoftware’s viral hit.

Elden Ring’s player-count is still going strong. According to SteamCharts, it’s still averaging around 600,000 concurrent players on a daily basis. It’s performing well in terms of stream platform viewership, too.

There are several reasons for that, including new patches and the speedrunning community taking off. However, the addition of mods, which add different elements to the game including some terrifying ones, could be the key to long-term success.

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Asmon believes mods will play a crucial role in keeping the game alive for years — the same way they did for Dark Souls 3.

player standing in front of large glowing tree in elden ringFromSoftware
Asmon thinks Elden Ring mods will keep it alive in the long term.

“I feel like if there were mods for Elden Ring, I would love that,” he said. “I mean, I hope that there are.”

He explained how they’d played an important role in keeping previous titles alive, including Dark Souls 3.

Modding kept Dark Souls 3 and the Dark Souls community alive. Ever since Dark Souls 3, we haven’t really had a lot. So, because of that, people kept making mods. They kept making these different mods of the game.”

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Asmon implied it could have the same impact on Elden Ring. He also believes some elements of the game drew inspiration from those mods. “I feel like FromSoftware looked at those mods and said, ‘That’s a cool idea!’

“For example, in Elden Ring, you have armor that actually has stats on it that change the way that your character plays in a way that Dark Souls didn’t really have as much. I think that there’s a reason for that.”

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Some of the most popular Elden Ring mods at the moment include the addition of new classes and weapons, performance boosts, graphical improvements, difficulty adjustments, and a full-blown cheat table.

However, more of them are popping up by the minute. The creativity of modders knows no bounds, and they’ll be sure to push the limits in The Lands Between and find ways to keep Elden Ring fresh for years to come.

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