Asmongold calls out “delusional” Horizon and Ubisoft devs critizing Elden Ring

Asmongold/Guerrilla Games

Asmongold has hit out at Horizon Zero Dawn and Ubisoft developers who criticized Elden Ring, explaining why he thinks they’re “delusional” for their lack of understanding. 

Elden Ring has received critical acclaim and is currently one of the highest-rated games to release this year. Despite receiving a huge amount of praise from wider media and the playerbase, a number of developers have lashed out at the game

Some of that criticism came from Horizon and Ubisoft developers, who took to social media to chastise the game’s sidequests and UX design. Obviously, this didn’t go down well and Elden Ring players were quick to defend the title. 

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However, popular Twitch streamer, Asmongold has also given his opinion on the recent discourse and believes that the hate from Horizon and Ubisoft developers is unwarranted.

Asmongold calls out Horizon and Ubisoft developers

Asmongold Elden Ring horseAsmongold/FromSoftware
Asmongold is a big fan of Elden Ring for a number of reasons.

“They can’t understand why their effort isn’t being met with the same praises? Well, that’s because they’re delusional,” said Asmongold. “If you don’t understand why Elden Ring is receiving praise and certain other games are not receiving praise, you shouldn’t be working on games.” 

While Horizon Forbidden West received a lot of positivity for its beautiful visuals and fantastic open-world, many complaints largely came from the lack of innovation surrounding its mechanics. When comparing games like Horizon and Assassin’s Creed, Asmongold believes that Elden Ring is ahead in terms of its design and player satisfaction. 

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“The reason that they were so innovative [and] successful, is the fact that they were able to see into the mind of the person and give the person what they want, and also what they need…At the end of the day, Miyazaki and Fromsoftware understand their customer.” 

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Of course, Elden Ring isn’t without its problems. The PC release famously ran incredibly poorly at launch and many users experienced a variety of issues, which have since been significantly alleviated. However, Asmongold believes Elden Ring’s success is largely due to two main factors. 

“I think the reason why players like Elden Ring is because it doesn’t have any pay to win, pay for convenience, or microtransaction bells and whistles. There’s [also] no implementation of the viewpoints of the real-world developers, being injected into the game in an overt way.” 

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No matter your stance on Elden Ring and wider open-world games, it’s clear the recent discourse has received a lot of attention from both sides.

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