OpenAI Controlled Dota 2 Bots Demolish Team of Former Professional Players

The bot technology of OpenAI has reached a point where it can now destroy a team of highly skilled, former professional, Dota 2 players – in a match that wasn’t even close.

Just recently, OpenAI showed off that it’s system was intelligent enough to face off against human opposition, learning and exploring the many complexities of Dota 2 at a rapid rate compared to the human mind.

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But whether it could use tactics and co-ordination to the point where it could actually defeat skilled players was another matter altogether, until now.

OpenAI bots played a match (with some significant alterations) against current pro player David “MoonMeander” Tan, former pros Ben “Merlini” Wu, William “Blitz” Lee and Ioannis “Fogged” Lucas and caster Austin “Capitalist” Walsh.

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The first game was a humbling for Team Human, as they failed to destroy even one of Team Bots towers. Game Two was similarly one-sided, although the humans did manage to at least take one tower.

Miraculously in game three the humans did manage to win, but it was a grind to pull off and they were already left demoralized by their crushing defeat. As Capitalist put it “never felt more useless in my life”.

It is important to note that the game had to be adjusted for the bots somewhat, with the following restrictions in place: 

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  • 18 heroes (Axe, Crystal Maiden, Death Prophet, Earthshaker, Gyrocopter, Lich, Lion, Necrophos, Queen of Pain, Razor, Riki, Shadow Fiend, Slark, Sniper, Sven, Tidehunter, Viper, or Witch Doctor)
  • No summons/illusions, No Scan, No Divine Rapier, No Bottle
  • 5 invulnerable couriers, no exploiting by scouting or tanking

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Regardless, the OpenAI victory is incredible impressive, even more so because only a matter of months ago it was failing to beat amateur opposition.

The ability to learn is the technology’s most impressive feat, as decision making, when to be aggressive and when to be passive, and general ability to co-ordinate against a somewhat unpredictable human opponent, are all being learnt the more the AI ‘matures’.

Next up for OpenAI will be to take on one the best players in the world at The International 8, in September. There, OpenAI bots will face the winning team, for its biggest challenge yet.

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You can watch the full match between OpenAI’s and the former pros below.

Watch OpenAI Five Benchmark from OpenAI on