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Dota2: TI9 Grand Prize eclipses the Fortnite World Cup

Published: 14/Aug/2019 23:00 Updated: 15/Aug/2019 1:16

by Alan Bernal


Dota2’s premier event of the year The International has so far amassed a prize pool of over $32 million, and the number is even more staggering when comparing it to the Fortnite World Cup’s gigantic payout.

Sentinels Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf made headlines across the world when he earned esports’ largest single payout reward of $3 million by taking the top spot at the Fortnite event in New York.

Not to be outdone, The International has reached a prize pool sum that will actually pay out even more cash to its winners, when equally dividing the Grand Finals’ winnings among the five players that make up a Dota2 team.

The esports world learned of Bugha’s name overnight because of the enormous amount of cash he had earned in a single event. But esports has grown to the point where his July 28 milestone will technically be eclipsed by the winners of The International 2019.

“The Grand Prize of The International 2019 now stands at over $15 Million USD,” notable Dota2 community member ‘Wykrhm Reddy’ said. “Five players will earn more than $3 Million USD EACH making it the largest payout ever for a single player in the history of esports.”

ValveThe TI9’s prize pool is paying out over $15 million to the Champions.

The International’s prize pool has been growing at an incredible rate, year after year. The current pot is nearly touching the $33 million mark, according to the Dota2 Prize Pool Tracker at the time of writing.

This is nearly $10 million more than what The International 2018 offered its contestants when its crowd-funding efforts ended with a pot of just over $25 million.

Though some were quick to point out that just because the Grand Finals winner will claim the prize of over $15 million, it won’t necessarily mean that every player will get more than Bugha’s sum.

ValveShanghai will hold the largest Dota2 event ever.

Dota2 teams also have a coach, org and more to pay out after the event, which sheds off some of the winnings that go to the players.

But taking note that the Fortnite World Cup winner himself had to pay up large sums of taxes in the aftermath of his winnings, it seems like there are stipulations all around to consider.

Even still The International is going to be a landmark for esports prize pools and will feature some of the best Dota2 action when it runs from August 15 to August 25.


Exclusive: Dota 2 legends OG bring Asian bookmakers Fun88 into esports

Published: 17/Nov/2020 7:59 Updated: 20/Nov/2020 14:15

by Adam Fitch


Fun88, the Asian bookmakers who sponsor football club Newcastle United, have entered esports through a deal with OG.

The two-time champions of The International, the best-paying tournament series in esports, have signed a multi-year partnership with the betting company.

The partnership will see Fun88 work with the organization to “bring fans closer to the Dota 2 action” through community interactions and “pre-play, real-time, and post-match insights.”

The bookmakers will also have their logo shown on the shoulder of jerseys worn by the legendary Dota 2 players.

OG N0tail The International 2019
OG are the defending The International champions.

OG’s well-known roster includes Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundsteni, Martin ‘Saksa’ Sazdov, Sébastien ‘Ceb’ Debs, Topias ‘Topson’ Taavitsainen, and Yeik ‘MidOne’ Nai Zheng.

They are the current defending world champions having won The International in both 2018 and 2019, with this year’s iteration of the tournament being delayed due to the global health situation.

“OG Esports’ legacy and story in Dota is one of the most legendary stories in esports and, because of this, we have been able to break into the mainstream and our story has been documented in many mediums — articles, magazines, and several documentaries,” JMR Luna, CEO of OG, told Dexerto. “Following this trajectory, OG has become the breach for new non-endemic companies that want to break into this space.”

“Fun88 have a great track record and have really invested in traditional sports, this is the next step for them as they recognize that some of the biggest competitions in the world right now are happening behind screens,” he continued. “This is a great moment for esports because we’re welcoming a new massive brand into our ecosystem which ultimately benefits everyone. We’ve worked really hard to make this happen and we’re happy we can finally announce it.”

Outside of esports, Fun88 have worked with late basketball icon Kobe Bryant and football club Tottenham Hotspur. In July 2020, they extended their sponsorship deal with Newcastle United for an undisclosed period of time.

Betting sponsors may not be new in esports, but this is the first rodeo for Fun88.