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Dota2 • Aug 23, 2018

DotA Caster Sheever’s Segment Spurs Tears During the International

DotA Caster Sheever’s Segment Spurs Tears During the International
Dota2 - YouTube

Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden, best known for her casting work in DotA, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

Her journey through the illness was broadcast in a twelve-minute segment that aired during The International, DotA’s largest competitive tournament, on August 22nd.


The segment documented Sheever’s story, from her initial diagnosis to her life following the news.

In a touching series of interviews, Sheever’s family and boyfriend detailed the impact of the cancer on their lives, and expressed their love and support for one of DotA’s most celebrated casters.


Sheever explained her diagnosis, as well, working through tears to describe the toll the illness takes on her everyday life.

“I don’t notice the whole situation anymore, obviously. My hair sucks, I’m more chubby than what I used to be. But that’s all fine. But the hot flashes, they just remind me every hour that I’m not healthy.”


In a panel following the segment, DotA caster David “Godz” Parker couldn’t help but show some emotion. He continued to host despite a flow of tears, working through the panel like a champ.

Godz posted a series of Tweets following the panel, explaining that his youngest sister’s experience with cancer had an effect on his reaction.

Godz - Twitter

Sheever documents her recovery on her Twitter account, giving updates and progress reports through her website. She continues to host and commentate for the game, despite her condition.

The DotA community’s support behind Sheever has been nothing short of inspiring. From care packages to supportive Tweets, Sheever has never been alone in her journey.

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