Dota 2 update leaks TI10 Battle Pass: All-Star match, event game, more


Dota 2 was hit with a small update on Feb 3, mostly focusing on bug fixes and minor adjustments, however, fans have also found some interesting hidden content. 

Dota 2 is no stranger to tiny patches as the game is usually updated at least once a week, with small bug fixes or adjustments to non-competitive elements being the norm.

Most of the time, that’s all there is to the update and players barely notice any changes. However, this time a huge set of changes have been leaked, with The International 2020’s Battle Pass contents being found hidden in the files.

Challenges, predictions, coaching, and more will be returning in the TI10 Battle Pass.

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The International 2020 Battle Pass leaks

Reddit user MSTRMN_ was the first to point out what the update has brought, highlighting the key features of the Battle Pass.

So far, it is confirmed that The International 2020 Battle Pass will contain: Achievements, Wagering, Coaches’ Challenge, Event game (the game itself is unconfirmed), Tipping, Favorite team, All-Star match at TI10, Fantasy league, and predictions.

The Battle Pass will likely contain more content, but many fans believe that this is the majority of it – giving everyone a sneak-peek into TI10.

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Other content such as a ‘creep card’ and a ‘glossary’ have also been discovered, but no details about them have been confirmed. Some players believe the creep card will be a new HUD panel for creeps, while the glossary will be a database for all things Dota.

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The Battle Pass itself is usually released in May, with The International taking place just a few months later in August.

Unfortunately, there was no indication of a release date in this leak, but at least it is confirmed that the Battle Pass is well on the way to being ready sometime in the future, and fans will have a better idea of what to expect.